Monthly Archives: June 2008

Cheery O

Frances is now feeding herself!

Once her neurotic mother got over the fear of her choking to death on a small piece of food we started giving her small pieces of ripe fruit. Last night she and her dad shared some Cheerios and she throughly enjoyed picking them up and putting them into her mouth. Much easier to get a grip on then the soft slimy nectarine and melon.

We are pretty excited and Josh can’t wait to introduce her to fresh blueberries as soon as they come into season!!



Last year at this time I received a few boxes of baby clothes from my sister. They were clothes that her two boys had worn and she was passing them along for our new baby to wear. I was only about 5 months along and hadn’t really started to look at baby clothes yet. I remember opening the newborn box and pulling out a sleeper. I couldn’t believe it. I held it up for Josh to see and said “Can you believe this little person is going to be this small?!!” He smiled at me with delight and a twinkle in his eye. I really couldn’t imagine that our little wee one would be so small. She was by all accounts a pretty average sized baby 7lb 2oz, and she still swam in those tiny sleepers.

This year we received more clothes from my sister, that the boys have out grown. As I sorted through them the other day, remembering how cute those boys were in them I marveled at how big they look. All I could think this time was wow, is she really going to get that big! I shared my thoughts with Josh. He laughed and said “Yes she is and just think, when she is wearing those things she will probably be walking!” Walking!!

This is why we don’t have a dog!!

While I love having Lucy when my parents are away, three weeks worth of dog hair is just about enough for me. I vacuum one day and by the next we are up to our eyeballs in dog hair tumble weeds!! We have all been eating dog hair for breakfast, lunch and dinner! How does my mother do it? Maybe it’s our smaller house making all that hair seem so much more compact. I swear I find it in the strangest places. When I change Frances I open up the diaper and holy shit a stray dog hair!! It even follows us when we venture outside the house. I pull something out of my bag and oh sorry just a sec, let me remove that dog hair!

Lucy goes home tonight and we sure will miss her (not her dog hair though!) Our two times a day walks. Searching for soon to be extinct plastic bags to pick up her two times a day poops. Hey, it’s just like having a baby! Her snoring and dreaming. Slipping in her slimy drool puddles. Constantly tripping over her large body laying in the center of the kitchen floor. She is a sweet and easy going kind of dog. A woos dog as I like to call her. She has been a perfect house guest. She plays nicely with Frances and always asks politely for left overs.

So tomorrow morning when I say to Josh “I sure do miss Lucy. Maybe we should get a dog!” He will give me a look of you gotta be kidding me, and I will refresh my short term memory with a mental image of dog hair.

So long Lucy! We sure will miss ya but we’ll see you on Sunday where you’ll be shedding all over Nanny’s house!!

Super Dad

‘What better way to celebrate fathers day then by being a dad!” he said. He couldn’t be more on the mark. So that is just what he did. Playing, teaching and loving his sweet little gal, and she loved him right back!

I was on shore leave this past Saturday. It isn’t something I do frequently, in fact in the past eight months I have only gone off once without my little Franny. Well that isn’t including the two times my husband and I went out for dinner. I don’t often feel the need to be away from my family, but I wanted to go run a few errands and I thought it would be nice for Frances and Josh to hang out together.

It is a foreign feeling to be without Frances. Most times when I am out and about she is riding with me, all 16 lb.’s. My body feels so weightless, almost empty maybe nude. There is a new sense of freedom with more time to accomplish the tasks at hand. It is really great to be on my own again! However, there is a tad bit of longing. My body always sways as I stand idle waiting in a lineup or for a traffic light. I want to talk to my passenger. “Frances, do you hear those birds? They’re singing us a song. Wow, look at all the pretty tulips just there.” Silly me, I’d only be talking to myself.

It was good for me to get away though. I felt refreshed and clear minded when I returned. Frances had a fun time looking at books and playing with her dad. I always anticipate seeing what kind of outfit Josh will put together when he is in charge. (I am a sucker for color coordination my self) He’s actually pretty good!

My errands took me to the fabric store to pick out some fabric to make Frances some summer jumpers and rompers. I have to say that Halifax is the pits for fabric selection. Unless there is some great little shop that I am unaware of. There used to be more than one shop to choose from but it seems that ever since Wal mart (*#$@) came to our fine city, all but one flew the coup.

This is what I came up with. Two prints, the same but different colors and lining. I also found some matching rick rack, because that just makes things sweeter! Now I’ve got some work to do.

On to daily activity, it is hot hot hot hear today. 26’C (78’F) which feels hot, as I was still wearing a wool sweater last week.

The sweet little sound of ma-ma-ma-ma enchants me every time.

This mother gig is the best one yet. Just as I think it can’t possibly get any better, it just does!

Why didn’t I apply for this job sooner?