I was on shore leave this past Saturday. It isn’t something I do frequently, in fact in the past eight months I have only gone off once without my little Franny. Well that isn’t including the two times my husband and I went out for dinner. I don’t often feel the need to be away from my family, but I wanted to go run a few errands and I thought it would be nice for Frances and Josh to hang out together.

It is a foreign feeling to be without Frances. Most times when I am out and about she is riding with me, all 16 lb.’s. My body feels so weightless, almost empty maybe nude. There is a new sense of freedom with more time to accomplish the tasks at hand. It is really great to be on my own again! However, there is a tad bit of longing. My body always sways as I stand idle waiting in a lineup or for a traffic light. I want to talk to my passenger. “Frances, do you hear those birds? They’re singing us a song. Wow, look at all the pretty tulips just there.” Silly me, I’d only be talking to myself.

It was good for me to get away though. I felt refreshed and clear minded when I returned. Frances had a fun time looking at books and playing with her dad. I always anticipate seeing what kind of outfit Josh will put together when he is in charge. (I am a sucker for color coordination my self) He’s actually pretty good!

My errands took me to the fabric store to pick out some fabric to make Frances some summer jumpers and rompers. I have to say that Halifax is the pits for fabric selection. Unless there is some great little shop that I am unaware of. There used to be more than one shop to choose from but it seems that ever since Wal mart (*#$@) came to our fine city, all but one flew the coup.

This is what I came up with. Two prints, the same but different colors and lining. I also found some matching rick rack, because that just makes things sweeter! Now I’ve got some work to do.

On to daily activity, it is hot hot hot hear today. 26’C (78’F) which feels hot, as I was still wearing a wool sweater last week.


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