This is why we don’t have a dog!!

While I love having Lucy when my parents are away, three weeks worth of dog hair is just about enough for me. I vacuum one day and by the next we are up to our eyeballs in dog hair tumble weeds!! We have all been eating dog hair for breakfast, lunch and dinner! How does my mother do it? Maybe it’s our smaller house making all that hair seem so much more compact. I swear I find it in the strangest places. When I change Frances I open up the diaper and holy shit a stray dog hair!! It even follows us when we venture outside the house. I pull something out of my bag and oh sorry just a sec, let me remove that dog hair!

Lucy goes home tonight and we sure will miss her (not her dog hair though!) Our two times a day walks. Searching for soon to be extinct plastic bags to pick up her two times a day poops. Hey, it’s just like having a baby! Her snoring and dreaming. Slipping in her slimy drool puddles. Constantly tripping over her large body laying in the center of the kitchen floor. She is a sweet and easy going kind of dog. A woos dog as I like to call her. She has been a perfect house guest. She plays nicely with Frances and always asks politely for left overs.

So tomorrow morning when I say to Josh “I sure do miss Lucy. Maybe we should get a dog!” He will give me a look of you gotta be kidding me, and I will refresh my short term memory with a mental image of dog hair.

So long Lucy! We sure will miss ya but we’ll see you on Sunday where you’ll be shedding all over Nanny’s house!!


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  1. Maybe you could get a short hair, like a pug!

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