Last year at this time I received a few boxes of baby clothes from my sister. They were clothes that her two boys had worn and she was passing them along for our new baby to wear. I was only about 5 months along and hadn’t really started to look at baby clothes yet. I remember opening the newborn box and pulling out a sleeper. I couldn’t believe it. I held it up for Josh to see and said “Can you believe this little person is going to be this small?!!” He smiled at me with delight and a twinkle in his eye. I really couldn’t imagine that our little wee one would be so small. She was by all accounts a pretty average sized baby 7lb 2oz, and she still swam in those tiny sleepers.

This year we received more clothes from my sister, that the boys have out grown. As I sorted through them the other day, remembering how cute those boys were in them I marveled at how big they look. All I could think this time was wow, is she really going to get that big! I shared my thoughts with Josh. He laughed and said “Yes she is and just think, when she is wearing those things she will probably be walking!” Walking!!


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