In the works

In an effort to regain my creative mojo and get back into book making I have started a cloth book for Frances. It is becoming a fun project, thinking of ways to fill each folio and trying to make it very Jessica (perhaps a few donuts in there somewhere) while keeping Frances engrossed in every page.

It has been quite some time since I have made any books and I will have to jog my memory when it comes to sewing the sections. I am sure once I get going it will all come back to me. I haven’t decided on a binding yet but once the contents are complete I will have a better idea.

Frances loves books. She squeals with delight when she sees me coming with a stack. Mostly we look at cardboard books as she gets to excited and tears the paper in regular books. I think she gets a little frustrated with books though. It is hard for her to turn the pages by herself and the pages seem so flat. (They don’t do anything) So I am hoping that when her mother finishes this project she will feel good about turning, looking, feeling and tasting. She is such a tactile little one and I just love that about her!!


2 responses to “In the works

  1. Hi Jessica,
    This is Sara’s buddy, Julie, from up the block. She just sent me the link to your blog. I LOVE THE CLOTHESLINE! Brilliant! I’m going to steal that – but I don’t know for what yet. But when I do steal it, I’ll call it a Jessica Line.

    Okay – I have to look at your other posts now. Just wanted to say HI and Frances is gorgeous!

  2. Me again. I just noticed that you had a link to Soule Mama and thought you also might enjoy Angry Chicken. She has 3 girls so there are some good skirt and mermaid tail projects.

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