Neurotic nurturer

Being a mother is enough to drive a girl crazy sometimes! Not the crying and fussing (luckily we don’t get much of that!) or waking up in the middle of the night for a snack or any of the other little things baby’s just do. It’s the worry that creeps in every so often and turns one into a neurotic Nelly! I think I am pretty good about keeping our Franny safe and healthy. I am careful about what she gets into when she scoots around the house. I am careful about the foods we feed her. I even go so far as to only use natural products for our cleaning and washing. But what about some of the most important things to her, her toys?

The other day Frances was having a good chew on a new toy. Josh and I noticed she had scraped some of the paint off with her two tiny teeth. We immediately took it away from her and shot each other a look of “that’s not so good!!”

While I do think a lot about toy safety, this incident has got me thinking and worrying even more. I have been conducting a little bit of an investigation on the internet and my findings have really opened my eyes. Although there were major toy recalls last year there are still many toys with high toxin levels being sold in Canada and the US. Most of these toys are made in China where they don’t have the same safety regulations as we do in North America. The sad part is that many people think if a toy is on the shelf at a major retailer, it must be safe and that is not always the case. It goes without saying that small children put stuff in their mouths, and we check to make sure there are no small pieces that could be chocked on. We should also be worrying about the stuff we can’t see that they are ingesting. I should have been more thoughtful about this in retrospect. We very well may be giving our sweet little Frances unsafe toys to put in her mouth and chew on!

So what do I do now? Take away the toys that I feel are highly suspect? Ban all toys made in China? I would be perfectly happy to do that, there are so many great and safe toys made in Canada, Europe and the US! Ya, they may cost more but I would be happier if Frances had a few good quality, fun and safe toys then ton of toxic plastic she rarely plays with. I also believe that in our insane consumer society today kids have far too many toys, I digress. I can’t outright ban plastic, what about Playmobil ,my personal favorite as a child. What do I do when people want to give her toys? I don’t want to seem ungrateful. I know people love her and want her to have fun. Do I let people know what her dad and I think is best for her or do I just smile and say thank you before I go hide things in a closet?

I am sure some people will think I am crazy and over reacting but this is my child’s health well being hear and that matters more to me than what other people think!
Oh goodness, will life as a parent always be this worrisome? I guess this is why Josh noticed a ton of gray hair on my head the other day!!


One response to “Neurotic nurturer

  1. Auntie Sayer

    It’s funny you should comment on this. Just the other day I was going through a box of old toys the boys used to play with that I was intending to give to little Franny. When the whole “Thomas the Train” recall suddenly popped in to mind. I threw a lot of suspicious things away – weeded out the things I thought might be a little suspect. When we bring them home for you, please feel free to sort through them yourself. There will be no hard feelings if there are things in the box that you are not comfortable with.

    Makes me wonder though…. was there a Dept. of Consumer Protection when we were growing up to decide if our favorite play things were unsafe and declare recalls? How about all of those Fisher Price Little People? I believe at one point a few years ago it was decided that they were a choking hazard (when they started making the little people not so little). Did we ever choke on them? Maybe back in the “good old days” they also didn’t use lead paint on toys….. How did we ever survive?

    I love reading your blog! You’re a pretty great writer!

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