Gone to the birds

The house is a filthy mess and there are one million fruit flies in the kitchen. Thankfully it seems a tad bit cooler today. Yesterday was a scorcher, and thank goodness for the green turtle pool. The cool water was welcomed with less angst and I’m sure the little prune could have enjoyed herself in there all day long. Too bad there wasn’t enough room for the hot mama. (I don’t fancy myself as sensational, I was just very very warm!)

Today I decided I didn’t already have enough projects on the go -like button holes to make or books to finish or even general house tidying (well I did wash dishes and towels and I even paid some bills)- so I started to make some more birds for Frances. A girl can never have too many birdies right?

Well I think so. Just as I think a girl can never have enough shoes!


3 responses to “Gone to the birds

  1. Auntie Sayer

    Wow! I love them. Where did you get the pattern? Or did you just come up with it on your own? What a lucky girl. Does she have lots of shoes tooo?

  2. Does Frances love birds?

    I think it’s so funny that you are making those. I just made my first fabric bird last week. There was a pattern on one of the blogs I frequent. Maybe I’ll make another today.

    But I see yours have wings. Very nice. My are wingless and cannot fly away. 🙂

    And my house is a mess too and yes – I could be cleaning it. But it will just get dirty again. Houses are like that!

  3. ooo, are you still making them? very delightful.

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