Quality coiffure

I always look forward to the weekends. For me it’s like any other day of the week except that I get to go to the market with my mom and I get two days to spend with my family! It’s never very relaxing, now more than ever there is always plenty to do. From general home maintenance to the weekly food shopping (gotta feed the team!). Then there is the littlest member to amuse and keep occupied. I am always happy to have another adult around to have a real conversation with. Nine month old babble is so nonsensical.

This weekend we had a family haircut. Josh and I do it together now so one can hold the babe while the other gets coiffed. This time Frances got in on the action as well. Our hair lady Karen gave her a little diversion (a hair clip) and very carefully snipped off those pesky bangs.

before                                                                                                            after

No, she’s not as upset about it as she looks! The picture just doesn’t do it justice. Josh said she looks like one of those weirdo NSCAD (or any art school) girls who went a little crazy with their drunken scissors. I think she looks beautiful! Now I know why my mother hated it when my sister and I wore our bangs in our faces.

…And hear is the mama, looking like the mama.

Thank you Julie for the comment on my previous post. It always feels so good to know you’re not alone! Just when I think I’m doing a bang up job as a mother to one baby, my mom hands me this article. I really don’t think I’m THAT kind of mother. Maybe if I decide to have another I will finally get a little respect around hear!!


2 responses to “Quality coiffure

  1. Auntie Sayer

    Cute cut, Jess! You look so Amelie!
    I liked Franny’s bangs – they were so unique – so Franny!! She looks so different now!! But, she still looks pretty cute! We can’t wait to see here next week!

  2. I agree – you’re hair looks very Amelie! My hair isn’t thick enough for that ‘do. But I’m pretty happy just pulling it back.

    Now – how friggin’ funny are those Before and After shots of Frannie? The Before shot – she is pure joy and trust. The After shot – her face is saying, how could you do that to me!

    I’m sure you’re right that she’s not upset about the cut – but the photo is pretty hilarious!

    I’m not sure what to think about the article your Mom gave you. The writer kinda thinks having only one child is a cake-walk. I might have to go over to her house and smack her around a little. And I – for one – would NEVER NEVER NEVER let Cameron carry on about a orange ball in a ball pit and expect someone else’s child to give it up. That’s not being a mom to a single child – that’s just being an entitle jerk-wad!

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