Today was a sultry day. What better to do on a day like today then wander around the neighbourhood looking for swings. Our first location found us nothing but a bunch of stumpy teen boys running around with tires in tow, participating in what looked like a football camp. On to the water park. Two free baby swings, just what we were after! This is what took place.

A happy girl in a swing. I wasn’t so sure she would like it, she can be a little bit timid with new things -see New adventures in the green turtle pool– But she seemed to really enjoy it!

Daddy pushed and mama pushed and we all had a fun time!

Hot ant sticky, we made our way home to the turtle pool for a cool down. To bad it’s not big enough for the mamas and papas!

Have a great weekend! I’m off to eat pear strudel from a couple at the farmers market who have a baby named after  Django Reinhardt! How neat is that!!


2 responses to “Swingin

  1. Auntie Sayer

    Both of the boys were kind of lukewarm with swings. They could take them or leave them…. until…. recently. Andrew LOVES to swing on the baby swings (I think it’s the thrill of the BIG underduck) and Nathaniel loves the underduck on the big swings. However, try as I might, they WILL NOT pump by themselves!!!! That gets a little exhausting having to run between the two swing sets to give two boys a thrill ride!

    I’m glad Franny enjoyed them. Those are sweet photos. Andrew is looking at the photos with me and says HE is going to push her when we’re there next week!

    Just think, one week from today we’ll all be having dinner together!!! We CAN”T WAIT!!!!!

  2. I’m so glad Frannie enjoyed the swings. Cameron loved the baby swings and is sort of just now getting into the bigger ones. I think he really felt secure in those big seats.

    The pool looks so refreshing. So sorry you couldn’t jump in there with her.

    PS – I just figured out who Auntie Sayer is. Duh!

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