Documenting greatness

It’s a good thing all knives and sharp kitchen gadgets are kept in the top drawer. Now that she slithers around on her tummy there’s no telling what she might get in to. This time she figured out that when knobs are pulled, drawers open. If you pull yourself up and peek in, you might just find something really good.

…and hear she is fleeing the scene of the crime!

This is what happens when needy Nori isn’t given the attention she desires because her mother is too busy documenting the greatness of Frances.

…but sometimes she figures that the kid isn’t all that terrible, and mama can document their greatness together!! (No pouch comments ok, we know our cats have some food related issues!)

After two days of rain rain rain, the sun has finally decided to shine! We’re heading outside to soak up as much as we can!! Have a fantastic day!


3 responses to “Documenting greatness

  1. Auntie Sayer

    Wow! She looks so big when she’s standing up! Can’t wait to see her!

  2. And doesn’t Miss Thing look so proud of herself too!

  3. your photos are all way too cute 🙂

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