A proud day

Wow, it has been a wild two days!! With the family hear we have been going non stop, which is more then little Franny and I are used to. While it all started out like this yesterday,

what followed was like a tornado touching down in a metropolis.

Frances was happy to meet her two big cousins again. While she seemed a little apprehensive yesterday, today fared a little bit better. Like anything, it takes a few tries with her before she feels comfortable in a new situation. This is how they were enjoying each other today.

It was an exciting day in Halifax today. The annual Pride Parade took place and for the first time in many years I was not working and able to attend. This made me very happy, I love parades! We got the kids all packed up and headed out. On the way to the parade route we encountered a few horses, so we stopped and had a little visit.

After locating the perfect spot to view the parade, we waited very patiently and it finally came. Hear are some of the things we saw:

This was a really good looking float! Much better than some of the stuff you see in the Natal day parade (that’s next week).

This old fashioned fire truck was spraying everyone along the parade route. I guess that was good as it was a hot day!

This was a really fantastic samba band that got me moving to the beat!

It was such a colorful parade and everyone was so proud!

Even the dogs were proud!

This fellow was painted like the pride flag as he jested with some masked cohorts.

Some lovely ladies and stilt walkers.

This person was riding on a cat?

Some of the most original costumes.

It was such a fabulous parade, we all enjoyed ourselves immensely! Happy pride!!

After the parade we had our own celebration for boy #6. A delicious supper and a special cake for desert.

Followed by a few presents for all the kids, including Frances. What a lucky little girl!!

Books, books and more books! This makes her mother so very happy, just what we need for a quiet day at home tomorrow.

And I leave you with a few last pictures of my crazy family!! I am off to bed for some much needed sleep!


3 responses to “A proud day

  1. First, was it Hooker Pride Day? What was with the ladies in their street walker get-ups?

    Second – even with the prostitutes – that parade kicks West Hartford’s parades EASY.

    Glad Sara and the crew made it. Ah Sara – she was always such a lovely girl. 🙂

    And I’m so glad Frannie is enjoying her cousins. Hope you all have a great visit.

  2. Ha, and I put the most tame of the photos up!!
    Ya, it was a pretty great parade. I am afraid it will make next weeks Natal day parade look look a dogs dinner! Stay tuned for those pics.

    Oh sometimes I think my sister was raised by a pack of wolves!!

    Julie, I love the t shirts! The boys have been wearing them since they arrived. Well, except when they get undressed at the dinner table!!

  3. Hey! you guys be nice!!!
    We sure are having fun with our little Frannie!
    And, Julie knows how much the Rogers / Metcalfe / Huff’s just LOVE a parade!
    They need to have a “Pride” parade right through “The Center”. That would go over REALLY well!

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