Chillin’ out

Some more visuals of how we have been spending our time as of late. We have been busy, busy, busy!!!

Josh is on vacation this week…

so we are enjoying his company!

Frances had her first ice cream cone tonight…

I think she found it a little cold and didn’t quite get the licking part. She hasn’t had much experience with sugar, so it will be interesting to see how she sleeps tonight. I am sure her cousins will teach her the proper way to eat an ice cream cone before they go back home.

Check out the drippy cone in the middle! When we left to come home tonight, the front porch was crawling with ants!

This is truly one of the great things about summer! Ice cream and kids, so sticky sweet!!


2 responses to “Chillin’ out

  1. 1. I read that Josh is on vacation and I thought that meant he was away from home – so then I see this picture of some dude on the floor with Frances and I’m thinking – does Jessica have something going on the side? šŸ˜‰

    2. I don’t know if you have an ice cream maker, but if you do, I have a great recipe for sugar free coconut ice cream.

    3. I will definitely let you know when more bags go on the market and you are my only international mailing exception.

    I’m so glad all the kids are having hot summer fun! (Cameron misses his buddies, though.)

  2. Those are some happy looking, sticky, kids!

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