I feel so neglectful. I really haven’t been overly busy. I have no good excuses. Josh and I have just been enjoying each others company and spending our days playing with our Frances.

Today Josh and I have been married for five years!! It seems like forever and it seems like yesterday! As we sat together eating our delicious breakfast this morning, we both agreed that we never imagined having such a wonderful little girl in our future.

Did you know that smushed banana makes a mighty fine hair product?

Oh, the joys of feeding a new eater!! She loves to squish her food and rub it into her hair. If she is anything like her mother when she was a teenager, she will be coming home with a hairdo similar to this. Only a little more green or purple!!


4 responses to “Bananniversary

  1. Back in the day, rumor had it…… that Billy Idol used egg whites and toothpaste! Just wait to see what the come up with in another 15 years….

  2. Oh… and …. Happy Anniversary! I’m glad you guys had a nice day!
    I can still smell the rotten eggs….

  3. When I feed Franny bananas what happens is, with a rebel yell she cries more, more, more!

    Thank you so much for the cake! I was just thinking about it and that cake was very much like the one we had on our wedding day. So yummy:)

  4. HA HA HA – You’re funny. I bet Frannie also rocks the cradle of love.

    Happy Anniversary!

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