Beach baby!

In the summer when my sister and family visit we all try to get to the beach at least once. We are lucky to live where we do, surrounded by water and only 45 min. in each direction to a beautiful beach. This is why our provincial slogan is Canada’s ocean playground! Unfortunately the weather has been a bit dodgy, but we managed to come by a good beach day last Wednesday. We decided to go in the morning and come back home around lunch. Sometimes it is fun to take a picnic but with three little kids of different ages you just never know how each one will fare, so this time we opted not to. But I will let you in on a dirty little secret. We stopped for Scottish food on the way home;} (so bad, and not a place I want Frances to get hooked on.) I digress. When you depart from the city on a beautiful hot summer day headed for an adventure at the beach two things can happen. You either get about 20 minutes up the coast and hit a heavy bank of fog, decide to keep on going and end up putting on every last layer of clothing you brought with you (in Nova Scotia you always bring lots of warm cloths to the beach) and then shiver and shake your way down to the water where you watch the surf for ten minutes tops and then say ok lets go home. Or the sky is clear the whole way there and it turns out to be a lovely day at the beach. Luckily for us it was the later!!

This was Franny’s first trip to the ocean and she is totally her mother and fathers daughter as she seemed to enjoy it as much as we do! I am sure she would have been happy to stay all day playing in the sand. The water was freezing, ankle numbingly cold! I am usually the one who goes in for a swim but it was far to chilly for me. Maybe being a mom turned me into a big old wimp because Josh and the boys didn’t seem to have a problem with the water temperature. “It seems cold at first” he said “but once you get in it’s great!” Ya, I wasn’t willing to take the chance!

I didn’t bring the camera with me as I had other stuff and a baby to carry and I didn’t have the time or attention to devote to documenting the day. I put Nanny (my mother) in charge and a big thank you to her for all the great photos!

Isn’t it so beautiful! If I close my eyes all of my senses can feel it!

Two brave soles! Oh it makes my feet cold just looking at these boys! Note the tense fists and arms!

Josh teaches Frances about sand while I start construction on a sand castle.

Everyone’s in on the castle action. The ladies dig while the fellows fill the moat with ocean.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves and it was just enough time for each person to do what the beach had to offer them. I doubt that we will all get back again this year, but next year maybe we will be able to take a picnic.

I’ll end with a funny tidbit. This is how some people park at the beach. I’m sure it’s because they can, but you can all imagine the four lads that traveled in this vehicle. Just off “the night shift” as my mother calls it and out to the beach for a little extreme Frisbee and bikini watch!!


2 responses to “Beach baby!

  1. That is a nice parking job!

    What a beautiful, clear day. The beach is such a great place for everyone. Kids can run. Adults can sit and relax a bit. And who doesn’t love a good sand castle.

    I’m glad you guys got to spend some time together. I was looking at the pic where Sara is looking at Frannie and thinking – It must be kind of sad that she has to go away and leave her little niece behind. 😦

    PS – I really like your hat.

  2. I am so sad to leave little Frannie! I think she’s finally starting to get used to us and all the chaos! She was SO smiley when we hung out with her all day Wednesday! She is a sweety!

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