For those who don’t know me as well, I have a very hard time finishing projects. While my intentions are good and my thoughts are always on how wonderful the thing will be when finished, most works in progress end up in one of my many baskets. I really feel terrible for all those UFO’s. Being given just enough life to see the world, but not enough to really live it as they are meant to do. Last week I resurrected a project I had started quite some time ago. Just a simple scarf knit with Blue Sky Alpaca yarn and I am pleased to say that I have given it the life it deserves. A finished object to do the job of keeping me warm all winter.


4 responses to “OMG, a FO

  1. Hey! That scarf looks familiar…..Wow! it looks great! You’ve inspired me! I need to start knitting again!
    After admiring all the beads and jewelery at the market, I came home and pulled my BIG basket beads out. While the boys were eating their dinner last night (I was waiting to eat with Scott when he got home from sailing) I decided I needed a project to keep me from picking at their food…. so I made a new necklace. I’ll take a photo of it and send it along.
    Miss you guys like crazy! Going through Joe Fresh withdrawl!
    Hey check out this website – cute clothes for Mom’s and kids…. a little out of my price range but has given me some good ideas….(you could TOTALLY make most of the stuff they have). However, at the end of the season they have INCREDIBLE sales. FYI – they have KILLER boots and shoes ($$$$$$$$$$$)

  2. I love me an FO! Scarf looks good (and reminds me that lace, while pretty, is not as warm as an alpaca scarf). I think that I need a cozy scarf too – right after I finish my lace fixation. . ..

  3. So true Miss Knit. It’d be like wearing a bikini tobogganing!!

  4. Beautiful Jessica! I am really into that deep eggplant purple right now. I went thrift shopping with Sara last year and got a purple poncho! (It’s not as nice as your scarf though.)

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