Who wears the pants in our family

Yes, these are wool soakers. I had knit them before Frances was born and I forgot about them until recently. I think wool soakers are some of the cutest things on earth. Right up there with baby seals and panda bears. Before Frances was ever thought of, the mere sight of them sent me into baby lust. I mean come on, isn’t that just about the sweetest little bum you’ve ever seen? A plain old disposable diaper, while occasionally  practical and sometimes used, doesn’t have the same appeal. It won’t give you the illusion of a healthy plump little bottom. This baby got back!!

So what is just as cute as a soaker but more practical for the colder months of winter? Pants of course! The cutest pants ever! Now that I seem to have gotten my knitting mojo back by finishing that scarf, I have started to knit some woolen baby pants. Let me tell you I am just about over the moon on this one!


3 responses to “Who wears the pants in our family

  1. look at that drool!

  2. Frannie’s got junk in the trunk!

    Those pants are pretty freakin’ cute, Jessica. Can’t wait to see your version.

  3. Auntie Sayer

    Can you knit me a matching pair? They’d look SOOOO cute under a skirt! Maybe if I can’t find any cute leggings, I’ll knit myself a pair!

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