Sweet surprise!

So the flower shop called yesterday to make sure I would be home for a delivery. Flowers!!?? Who would send me flowers? It’s not my birthday, anniversary or mothers day. Does my sister miss us so much that she wanted to say it with flowers? Maybe my mother thought I needed cheering up after my sickly weekend. No silly, it was my sweetie who sent me flowers. Just because, he said. He thinks it’s much nicer to receive such lovely surprises when you are least expecting them. He’s right, and he knows how much I truly love a surprise!!


5 responses to “Sweet surprise!

  1. Auntie Sayer

    WOW! You’ve got a good one! I love surprises like that.
    The flowers are beautiful!

  2. Is that Mom’s old vase?

  3. Ya, didn’t you find this one in the garbage the same day we found all those toy guns? That was the greatest garbage day EVER!!!!!

    I needed a vase one day so mom lent me hers and I guess I never gave it back.

  4. Auntie Sayer

    That’s the day I saw the light and became a true dumpster diver! I got some good stuff that day. A printer set for making news papers, guns (!), some other fun toys, and the vase (to appease Mom)! Don’t think she was too happy by my treasures!!

    To this day my most prized treasures are the ones I’ve found in the garbage, tag sales or the thrift shop!

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