Ten months and why I dislike summer.

Frances became ten months old on Sunday. She is growing so big and strong and we love her so much every day. With her new found freedom from the evolution of her mobility she is displaying more signs of independence. She has a strong will and knows what she likes. Just don’t try taking it away from her. She is extremely curious about everything, especially VCR doors, sewing machines, electrical outlets and one particular phone cord that would really be a lot of fun to pull out of the wall. Curiosity often ends up in the mouth as well. I don’t worry about the stray Cheerios as much as the cat food. All of this keeps her mother and father busy and amused! Every day is something new and so much fun to watch.

Today is a beautiful sunny day. Just a few little wispy clouds in the big blue sky. There is a light breeze and the temperature high for the day is 18’c (that’s 64’f for you Americans). This is my kind of day! You see, I just do not like the summer heat and there are a few reasons why. I really don’t own summer clothes. I have some t shirts and skirts and oh, some real dorky shorts but for the most part I like blue jeans and long pants. The predominant color in my wardrobe is black. I like it, goes with everything and doesn’t get so dirty. While I do own summer appropriate shoes, I prefer to wear my Blundstone boots. They are just SO comfortable and perfect for walking. I am a knitter with a love for woolly lambs fleece. I own many wool sweaters and sadly, I can’t wear them through the summer. Then there’s the sweat factor. Just a small amount of physical activity on a hot summers day produces a bucket load of sweat. You get all sweaty and then feel gross for the rest of the day. Yuck! Sleeping’s no dream either. I like to cuddle up in my flannel sheets under a warm fluffy duvet. I need that weight over my body to achieve optimal sleep comfort. One single sheet just doesn’t cut it, and you may think I’m crazy but my feet ache if they are not covered. (I think this is something I have made up in my head) There are many other reasons for my dislike of summer heat such as fruit flies and mold, but the one that’s been bugging me the most lately is Frances. I shouldn’t say she is bugging me, it’s the heat that bugs her that is driving me nuts. I don’t think Frances cares much for the heat of summer either. It makes her hot, sweaty and cranky. Everyone seems to think her wakefulness and irritability comes from teething, but I am certain this sweaty kid is bothered by the summer heat.

Sorry to all you summer lovers out there, I am wishing it away for a beautiful cool fall day filled with cozy wool pants and long naps. I can promise you that on a -20′ day in January I will not be wishing for a hot summer day. Instead I will be bundled up with Frances and some good books. The only down side is the rising cost of home heating fuel.


5 responses to “Ten months and why I dislike summer.

  1. I am so with you on this not-in-love-with-heat thing. Fall. Fall is my favourite – crips, cool, colourful and perfect for sweaters and scarves right before the real cold of winter sets in. I felt a little Fall in the air this morning and immediately decided that a new sweater project is a must.

  2. Oh Miss Knit, we knitters stick together on the topic of seasons, don’t we!? The weather this morning made me down right giddy!!

  3. Auntie Sayer

    I couldn’t agree more! It was cool enough down here that I had pants AND a fleecy on! (I felt like Mom!). Even Nathaniel had his fleecy on this a.m. I’m SO ready for fall. Though this summer has been pretty pleasant. We only used the a/c’s for a few nights while Scott was in Korea.
    Not looking forward to the hot summers of Maryland – especially Grumpy Gramps aversion to the heat!

  4. Auntie Sayer

    Frannie looks SOOO much bigger in this photo! Must be the teeth!
    I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks since we saw her!

  5. Why don’t you knit yourself a nice tube top – SEXY!

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