In my secret world one of my fictional occupations would be that of a Librarian. I love books. I like to read them, look at them, flip their pages, hold them, smell them and collect them. I guess it goes without saying then that I enjoy the library (please pronounce both r’s). A big building filled with old smelly books in all shapes and sizes. A place where people share knowledge and information and you can borrow as many books as you can carry.

So many of my childhood memories were made in a library. Whether it was puppet shows at the old library downtown or the libraries we would visit while staying with our grandparents in the States, they all had one thing in common. Books!

The world is such a different place today. Humans all seem to be going nowhere fast, and their hunger for stuff is insatiable. However, the library continues to persevere and serve the community at large. Its presence is a constant reassurance that society isn’t that far gone into the shit hole. No matter what your social or economical status might be, you are always welcome through the front doors to find whatever it is you are looking for and to borrow it with no questions asked. It’s free as well! Well that is if you return your books on time. Just don’t end up like this lady!!

Last Friday, Frances had her first trip to the Library. After I perused the parenting and baby cookbook section, we headed downstairs to the children’s department. It was almost as I remembered it, but instead of the two teared mustard yellow shag carpet covered reading platform there were cozy little couches. It also seemed a little tidier then I recall. There were lots of board books for us to read and a wooden doll house with some people to play with. Frances really seemed to enjoy herself! I see so many visits to this special place in our future and I bet when she is my age, she will also have fond memories!!

On the left: Frances really wanted to pull all the books off of the shelf. I didn’t want to be responsible for putting them all back in order!

On the right: Such a funny picture! She always looks so big to me at home, but when we enter a different environment she is so tiny!


4 responses to “Shhhhh!

  1. Ah, the yellow shag carpet. I remember it well. For us suburbanite kids, my mom would make a day of it and we’d take the bus from Mumford Rd downtown, hit the library, the Public Gardens and the Candy Bowl on the way home. Awesome good times šŸ™‚

  2. I thought the link was going to turn up a pic of Sara!!! She’s notorious for not returning things!

    I’m so glad you and Frannie had such a fun trip to the library.

  3. That sounds like a fun time for you as a kid Rebecca! We would walk down to the library through the Public Gardens where we had a favorite tree that made a good fort. I miss the Candy Bowl:(

    That’s funny Julie! I hate to admit it, but there is another reason why Sara and I are so similar. It’s not as if our parents taught us that bad habit either!!

  4. Oh, ha ha, Julie!!! Yes, despite the fact that I am a full certified (or certifiable….) librarian, my wanted photo is up at our local library. I am notorious of overdue books…. can I help it if I love to read and tend to take out too many books to read in four weeks…

    Ah, the Spring Garden Library. I remember taking the bus with Mom. And Mrs. Stone walking my whole sixth grade class down once a month (I remember going through the grave yard and the mean boys would jump out from the gravestones). The puppet shows… I SO wanted to get a job in the library so I could do the puppet shows! And during my punk days, hanging out in the teen room (just to get out of the house). Yes, many happy memories of the library. Oh, and sitting on those shag carpet covered chairs/benches for story hour! I knew where all my favorite books were – loved the Daniel Pinkwaters. My favorite section of the library is still the children’s section. LOVE those books!

    Sigh… memories! Glad you’ve introduced Frannie to that fine institution! I’m sure she will begin to form some of her own fond memories!

    Off to build a bunk bed!

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