Vivid victuals

The weather has been the pits today. Rain, rain, rain. No good for external adventures. This is the kind of day where I wish I could curl up with a book or my knitting, if only I had my own time. Instead, Frances and I did some playing and looking at books together and I worked on some food for her.

I had borrowed some baby cookbooks from the library the other day for inspiration. I like to spice things up and keep it fresh, which I am hoping will in turn keep Frances interested in food. I think it would be terribly boring to eat the same food day after day. When I cook her food I always think, would I eat this? If I answer yes to my question then I think it will be pretty good and she should enjoy it. I like to make a big batch of something and freeze it in meal portions. Today I decided that we needed some lentils, so I made a green batch with string beans and peas and a red batch with carrots and sweet potato. To the green I added basil and garlic powder and to the red I added basil and mild curry powder. I preferred the red one, but we shall see what Frances thinks!

Here’s a funny picture of Frances and Nori. Nori didn’t stick around for to long after this was taken!


3 responses to “Vivid victuals

  1. Auntie Sayer

    Ooooo…. Joe Fresh socks! I’m jealous!
    Got bunkbeds today…. think I may have lost my mind. The boys are excited though. Didn’t have time to put them together as no sooner did we get home, then we had to run off and look at stoves, kitchen sinks, etc….. gotta get this kitchen stuff movin’!

  2. Frannie’s food always looks SOOOOOO good! Wish you were the Mom first, so you could have passed on recipes to me!

  3. Well I’m only a good cook for Frances because I have a sister and mother who are such wonderful cooks to look up to!!

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