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Cha cha changes

On Sunday out of the blue we received a phone call from one of my old NSCAD buddies who is now living in Paris. Josh and I were both really excited to talk to her and hear all about her exciting life as a young artist living in such a romantic and culturally rich city. She’s a funny girl in so many good ways and always has such a positive and interesting outlook on life. One of the first questions she asked both Josh and I was how much our life has changed with Frances in it. What a broad question with so many answers. I have been mulling this one over in my mind ever since.

Of course there’s the obvious, sleep has changed and free time is limited. There is additional laundry to wash, especially with cloth diapers, extra food to prepare and more toys to tidy up. There is more routine, naps, mealtimes, baths and bedtime. Outings are usually premeditated and revolve around the nap and meal schedule. There is often some device or piece of equipment required and a mother must always stay one step ahead of the game with diversions such as toys and snacks.

Being a parent is very different from being a student. It is no longer all about me. My life totally revolves around my child twenty four hours a day. There is no time for me to be selfish anymore. I can’t say that I miss being a student, but I do miss working in the studio making lithographs. I miss the camaraderie of fellow print makers. I miss it like crazy. I dream about making prints all the time. In fact, I dreamt about it last night.

I no longer think about shoes. Well not for me anyway. I can’t remember the last time I looked at the Camper or Fluevog web sites. Did you know they make Camper shoes for kids!! I never shop for myself really, I have too much fun finding things for Frances. I love to rummage through the racks and bins at the thrift shops finding the coolest O’s and other wonderful things you wouldn’t find in the regular kids shops. I even have more fun buying food for her.

Going out is different as well. I usually take Frances in a carrier, so I always have an extra 20 lb. to carry on my body. It can get very heavy when we go to the market and I lug home all those potatoes and squash! I guess I am much stronger now as well.

Spontaneity is a word no longer used in my vocabulary. I can’t just get up and go when and where I want. In the past year Josh and I have gone out by ourselves twice. Now we have to rely on a babysitter (thank goodness for grandparents!) Oh, sometimes I miss those last minute Friday nights at the Granite or Tom’s for a beer and cigarette.

I look at my body differently now. I breastfeed, so I am a little larger in that department. I feel as though I have lost my funky mojo. Everyday when I dress myself I look in the mirror and think “you look like such a mother”. I don’t know if it’s the body or the clothes. I weigh less now then I did before I got pregnant. Many of the clothes I would like to wear are a bit unpractical for breastfeeding, so I never bother to put them on. I feel great though. I feel healthier and stronger than I think I ever have. I guess I don’t have the time stop and think otherwise.

Not all the changes are so great. Because I no longer get a full uninterrupted nights sleep I tend to be a little more grumpy, moody and snappy. I don’t want to be.

I think I look at people and the world around me differently. When I see a person on the street asking for money or I see a person on the news in distress I think to myself, that’s someones child and what would their poor mother think. I block out all the negative shit I see and hear about. I worry more about the environment, and not just the one outside, but what dangers could be lurking around us inside. I try to keep things as natural as possible.

I am truly happy for all the changes Frances has brought into our house. I could never go back to the way it was before her. While there are many old things I miss like mad, everyday there is a new change that keeps us on our toes and makes our new life so much more exciting then our old one!


Dress attempt #2

So far so good! Short dress with leggings, I swear I’m conditioning this girl for art school. Just wait till I finish knitting her legwarmers!!

No show

No real show today ladies, I am too busy with knitting and dough making. We’re having pizza for dinner. But I guess the real reason is that we didn’t wear anything new today. Just the pink floral corduroy O’s from a few posts back. A British lady in our library group called them dungarees, and I guess they are.

Did anyone watch ER last night? I don’t know why I’m so compelled to watch it. I find that it’s not as good as it once was. Maybe this last season will pick it up. I have a love hate relationship with it, it’s like watching a train wreck. I can’t seem to watch it without bawling my eyes out. Why do they do that!?

Hunker down if you’re from this part of the world, we’re getting a big storm this weekend. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to get stuck in with some knitting!

Stripy sweetheart

This could very well turn out to be my favorite outfit! It’s a tunic with pants and I love these colours! If you know me in real life, you know that I like to wear a tunic and pants. The top is one of the fantastic items we found on Monday and the pants are Ralph Lauren cords that Auntie Sayer (my sister) found on one of her thrifting excursions. They have a really pretty floral fabric around the cuffs, you’ve got to keep it a little on the girlie side!! The shoes are lion Robeez which are hand me downs from the cousins. They are really cute and I love Robeez. They are soft and comfortable and made in Canada!

I hope the weather is as lovely where you are as it is here. I am thoroughly enjoying this early fall season, it is perfect for long walks with wool sweaters and Cheerios!

Pink ladybug

Have you any idea how hard it can be to wrangle a small precarious child who won’t stay still and comes at you every time you pull out a camera? I’m sure some of you do!

Day 2 of Franny’s thrift store fashion extravaganza. Today we are wearing pink ladybug flower denim O’s, paired with a pink puffy sleeved flowery shirt from the spring thrifting collection.

Now, would you like to know some of Franny’s new tricks? Well she will clap when asked to, and when Josh or I cough or sneeze, she will pretend cough! She can say daddy, dayee! Yesterday when she noticed her breakfast was ready, she went and got her tray out of a basket and pulled it over to her highchair. She then stood up next to her chair and lifted the tray up to me so I could attach it! She’s catching on I tell ya!!

Out with the old…

A trip to the thrift store yesterday with my mother has Franny’s closet filled to capacity. We are well stocked with the cutest of O’s (that’s what my family calls overalls) to last through winter. I hope, but I’ll never turn another thrifting excursion down if one should present itself.

As I made space for all the new acquisitions I couldn’t help but feel sad weeding through all of the outgrown items. Especially the things that had grown to be my favorites. Maybe we will see them again on another little person? But here we are now, and these could very well become some of the new favorites.

Yes, here I go again with the pink. But how could I resist? And the puffy little bottom and pockets on the sides, cute as a button! This could very well turn into a week long (or two with all the goodies we found) fashion show!

Then and now.

There’s Frances at about six months rockin the mohawk! I thought for sure Josh and I were given a punk rock baby after all the shenanigans we got up to back in our punkish days! But for her sake, her hair has come in nicely and for ours, I think she is becoming a fine young girl. You never can tell though, just ask my parents! I can’t believe these O’s still fit, not for much longer. I think a trip over to the thrift store is in order and hopefully we can find some more cute O’s to grow into.

I borrowed this great cookbook from the library called Food Adventures. It’s meant to introduce your children to flavors from around the world. The best thing about this book is that all of the recipes are things that Josh and I would eat, so it’s really a family cookbook. I don’t believe in making separate meals for parents and kids. As my sister says “You get what you get and you don’t get upset!” The other thing I like about this book is the simplicity of the recipes, they don’t require a ton of bizarre ingredients and I am sure it would be easy to make substitutions. Each recipe starts out with a tidbit of information on its origin. The design is clean and simple and the food is photographed well. Important things for a cookbook, I think anyway!