Two terrific things.

Thing #1 Today I returned some books to the library before their due date! Frances and I had another adventure to the library to find some new books for me and have a little playtime for her. Today we met a little girl who was very nice to Frances. Not like the pushy kid we encountered last time. We have registered to start a program there next week called Babies First Books. I have no idea what it’s all about but Franny is a baby and she loves books! I think you do some singing and play some games.

Thing #2 Today I finished the pants! Frances happily tried them on and modeled them for me. They are a good fit, nice and roomy with space to grow. I had intended for the corrugated stripes to line up with her knees, but they ended up just below. That’s ok, because her legs will grow and they will line up eventually, I can just knit some more length on the bottom. I am really pleased with them and plan on making another pair. For now I have started a matching sweater which will have corrugated elbows. This top picture is funny because she was wearing a white shirt that was washed out by the sunlight, so it looks like ghost pants with feet!


5 responses to “Two terrific things.

  1. Love the pants! They make me think of little robot legs – too cute!

  2. Those are so awesome!!! You’re really quite the knitter, aren’t you?!

  3. Cool! Can you knit me a pair too?? I would TOTALLY wear them.
    Boy, I need to start knitting again…. you’re inspiring me….

  4. Those are adorable pants!!

  5. Thanks so much! They were so much fun to make:)

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