Falling behind.

Two pumpkins!

Oh geez, I am really falling behind, it’s been a whole week since I have made a post. I have been preoccupied with my knitting and have been spending most of my free time with it. Knitting and reading I can do, knitting and typing, not so much!

Ravelry has sucked me in again. While I have been a member for some time now, this cool weather is encouraging me to whip up some little things to keep Frances warm this winter. If you are not familiar with Ravelry, it is an on line community, much like Facebook, but for knitters and crocheters. You can set up a page and keep track of the projects your working on and you can connect with other knitters. There are so many free patterns and the thing I like most about it is that when you are planning to start a new project, you can look it up and see how other people made it, what they used, if they had problems with the pattern or if they changed it and how. So, I have found a few things I am itching to start knitting.

Last night, for the very first time since Frances was born I had new baby longing. Again I was on Ravelry looking for one year old sweater patterns and every once in a while I would come across a pattern for a newborn size and I longed so much to knit one. So soft and tiny! Don’t get me wrong, I am having so much fun with little Franny right now and sometimes just thinking about all that newborn stuff makes me run for the hills. But now I know what mothers mean when they say they miss having a little baby.

Today Frances and I went to Babies First Books at the library. I’m not sure what she made of it. Everyone we meet says “She’s a very serious little girl isn’t she”. There were about 9 little ones of all shapes and sizes between the ages of six and fourteen months. Some were very loud, but Frances was very quiet. The facilitator was a nice lady named Penny, and she was happy and full of energy. We sang some interactive songs and Penny read some books. Frances particularly liked the books but wasn’t so sure about the songs. I’m sure in a few weeks she might smile a bit! After all the excitement Cheerios were handed out to the kids who could eat them and it was time to play. There were lots of fun toys to play with but Frances really enjoyed the little paper cup her Cheerios came in! It’s funny, when she’s in the comfort of her own home she is into everything and full of beans, but when we go out she gets so quiet and doesn’t move much. She is a cautious observer, so much like her mom and dad!


5 responses to “Falling behind.

  1. Love the photo of the two pumpkins! I can’t believe that Franny is going to be one in a month! It doesn’t seem real – she was JUST born!
    Glad you had fun at the library! They are fun – we love ours!

  2. How sweet is that face?! Soooo sweet. She looks adorable.

    I think it’s so funny when you see such strong aspects of yourself in your child and vice versa. Cam was never patient and then I noticed that I’m a wee bit on the impatient side too. It makes me more sympathetic to his own shortcoming when I know they are shared.

    Penny is the best name ever for a woman who reads to little children at a library. The best!

    Have fun knitting! I know you’ll make some beautiful things.

  3. Where’s the new photo from? I love it!
    Andrew and I went to the library this morning for story time. Two of his pre-school friends were also there (one of them was Sofia – Madeleine’s sister….). He loves to sit and listen to stories. Then we watched the movie version of “Good Night Gorilla”.
    Took out some movies to watch in the car on the way down to Baltimore on Thursday. Got Superman (the original with Christopher Reeves) and Princess Bride (“Inconceivable
    Still can’t get over how much Miss. F has grown…

  4. If you mean the header photo, it is the default photo for the page theme. WordPress ate my custom header.
    Sounds like a fun time at your library! Can’t wait to hear about Baltimore!!

  5. For what it’s worth – we rented the original Superman for Cam and turns out it was really, really boring! Maybe the boys will like it though.

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