Then and now.

There’s Frances at about six months rockin the mohawk! I thought for sure Josh and I were given a punk rock baby after all the shenanigans we got up to back in our punkish days! But for her sake, her hair has come in nicely and for ours, I think she is becoming a fine young girl. You never can tell though, just ask my parents! I can’t believe these O’s still fit, not for much longer. I think a trip over to the thrift store is in order and hopefully we can find some more cute O’s to grow into.

I borrowed this great cookbook from the library called Food Adventures. It’s meant to introduce your children to flavors from around the world. The best thing about this book is that all of the recipes are things that Josh and I would eat, so it’s really a family cookbook. I don’t believe in making separate meals for parents and kids. As my sister says “You get what you get and you don’t get upset!” The other thing I like about this book is the simplicity of the recipes, they don’t require a ton of bizarre ingredients and I am sure it would be easy to make substitutions. Each recipe starts out with a tidbit of information on its origin. The design is clean and simple and the food is photographed well. Important things for a cookbook, I think anyway!


4 responses to “Then and now.

  1. That is my favorite Frannie photo…..
    Those are the same “O’s”!?!?!? Wish I was going on the shopping trip with you. I could use a good Frenchies fix! I did just find my new favorite jeans for $1 at the church thrift shop! There is no better feeling than putting on a pair of jeans that fit perfectly and make you feel good!
    Off to explore the inner harbor (find out if the dragon boats are still running) and hit the childrens museum! Gonna check out Severna Park and Annapolis this afternoon. Crabs for dinner tonight on the “Nap Town” water front. Can’t wait!
    Boys are getting out of control…. gotta go reel them in (so Scott doesn’t flip out!)

  2. I like what your sister says…maybe that’s because for a while i sounded like a parrot..saying it over and over. Our youngest has a nasty dairy allergy that means he cant get to eat the same pizza/pasta as our other two and they really did like to fight about that one! It was like working in a short order cafe in my own kitchen. It didn’t last long…the chef went on strike!!

    Oh and I love the vest you made in tha last post..gorgeous. Our #3 is a boy who adores pink, purple and yellow. When we went to the shop to buy crocs this summer..the shop assistant actually refused to sell us purple ones! She said the damage I was doing would show when he was older! We left and went to a different shop where to spite her and anyone likeminded(!) I bought a purple pair and a pink pair. We made a point of going back to the other shop with #3 wearing one of each colour!

  3. Sounds like you’re having a blast in Baltimore Auntie Sayer!!
    Eat some crab for me:)

    I’m sure I will end up sounding like a parrot when Franny grows a bit older. My sister says it in a chantingly way that I love to say!

    Imagine, refusing to sell your little guy purple crocs! Good for you, for sticking it to her;)
    I love how kids gravitate towards certain colours. I can’t wait to see what colours Franny picks!!

  4. A salesperson REFUSED to sell a child a product in the store? I would have called in the manager. That’s ludicrous!

    Frannie’s O’s are super cute – but I think you’re right. She’s rapidly growing out of them. And the cookbook sounds like a great idea. I used to make Cam separate meals – and I still might make a separate aspect e.g. a salad for me, green beans for him – but since we changed the diet all up, he’s actually a much better eater. I think it has something to do with removing the bad foods they crave and that opens up the taste buds to new tastes.

    Good luck with it.

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