Out with the old…

A trip to the thrift store yesterday with my mother has Franny’s closet filled to capacity. We are well stocked with the cutest of O’s (that’s what my family calls overalls) to last through winter. I hope, but I’ll never turn another thrifting excursion down if one should present itself.

As I made space for all the new acquisitions I couldn’t help but feel sad weeding through all of the outgrown items. Especially the things that had grown to be my favorites. Maybe we will see them again on another little person? But here we are now, and these could very well become some of the new favorites.

Yes, here I go again with the pink. But how could I resist? And the puffy little bottom and pockets on the sides, cute as a button! This could very well turn into a week long (or two with all the goodies we found) fashion show!


5 responses to “Out with the old…

  1. I always get sad when I have to pack the boys outgrown clothes away. Especially when they’re Andrew’s. But, I usually pass my favorites on to friends so that I can see them again on a new little person – and hope that they are given as much love as we did. It’s difficult with boy clothes though, as they are so tough on them!

    Love the new outfit! Are you going to post a daily fashion photo of Miss F. in all her new finery? Does she still fit in to any of those Gap o’s that I sent along? Those were always my favorite as they were lined in that soft warm fabric.

    I wish I’d been there to go with you and Mom 😦 Next summer we HAVE to do a thrift store day! Oh, I found the Sal’s Boutique in Severna Park! Right around the corner (on the main drag) from where we’re looking at houses! Hope I find some other good ones too! Cuz one can not live on Sal’s alone!

  2. Frannie looks fierce! (I’m gearing up for Top Model tomorrow night.)

    You know – if there’s an outfit you really love – that really says Frannie – maybe you could make it into something else? A tooth fairy pillow? An outfit for a favorite doll? You’re clever – you’d think of something.

  3. My goodness you ladies respond quickly! And both at the same time! All the boys in the neighborhood must still be at school;)

    Yes Sayer, you should only buy a house if it is close to many thrift stores. That is as important as good schools!!

    I guess I will have to have a daily fashion show now eh?

    Julie, can’t wait to read your review on Thursday!!

    That is a great idea to make something out of her old favorites. I guess I should wait till I know if we will need them again. By then we should have enough things to make a quilt:)

  4. So…. it’s official! B-more here we come!

  5. Holy cannoli! Congratulations Sayer!!
    Can’t wait to hear all the details. Do the boys know?
    Call me some evening when your free.

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