Stripy sweetheart

This could very well turn out to be my favorite outfit! It’s a tunic with pants and I love these colours! If you know me in real life, you know that I like to wear a tunic and pants. The top is one of the fantastic items we found on Monday and the pants are Ralph Lauren cords that Auntie Sayer (my sister) found on one of her thrifting excursions. They have a really pretty floral fabric around the cuffs, you’ve got to keep it a little on the girlie side!! The shoes are lion Robeez which are hand me downs from the cousins. They are really cute and I love Robeez. They are soft and comfortable and made in Canada!

I hope the weather is as lovely where you are as it is here. I am thoroughly enjoying this early fall season, it is perfect for long walks with wool sweaters and Cheerios!


5 responses to “Stripy sweetheart

  1. Ooooo!!! I LOVE IT!!! I would totally wear this outfit. And, I’m glad the pants fit 😉

  2. Oh! And I LOVE the photo in your Daily….maybe today!

  3. Those are pretty great colours 🙂 …. I wonder if she’ll rebel against them some day…. until then, like mother like daughter!

  4. I think this is my favourite outfit so far – rockin’ the tunic.

  5. She looks so cute – as always.

    I’m glad you’re having nice weather. Today is a rainy and grey and it will be all weekend long. 😦 But it’s been pretty great up[ until now – so I can’t complain much. Just a little bit. Waaaaah.

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