Dress attempt #2

So far so good! Short dress with leggings, I swear I’m conditioning this girl for art school. Just wait till I finish knitting her legwarmers!!


8 responses to “Dress attempt #2

  1. So adorable!!! She is standing in sosoo many of the photos you post! Does that mean she’s nearly walking??? I can’t believe how quickly the big #1 is approaching! I wish I could come over for a visit!!!

  2. I LOVE IT! I would totally wear this outfit too!!!
    Are you doing a big “to do” for the birthday? Can’t believe she’s almost 1! I wish we could be there with you guys!

  3. She’s cruising the perimeter! I bet she’ll be walking in a month or so, although she still can’t stand up on her own. She still needs to find her balance.

    Holy smokes, 17 days eh. I had better get on some birthday plans! Caitlin and Sara, why don’t you both come for a visit the weekend of the 17th! I really wish you could both be here 😦

  4. Did you weather the hurricane?

    Just looked up airplane ticket prices (for kicks and giggles)…. not going to happen this year. But, we’ll be sending her happy birthday thoughts!

    Has Ms. F. given you an indication of what she might like for his birthday (besides more books, of course!)? I may have to find out what books you do have before we inundate you with more… make sure there are no duplicates! (or dups, as we say in the library biz).

    Off to bed… long day tomorrow! Will post more kitchen photos tomorrow… some dramatic happenings today!

  5. Hurricane? What Hurricane? Oh you mean that little wind storm we had;) Ya, it fizzled out when it hit land down around Yarmouth. Thank goodness!

    Would you believe that we don’t own any Eric Carle books! Crazy I know, not sure how that happened. I keep meaning to take a trip to Woozles, but the thought always seems to fall out of my head!

    We are still thinking about what Frances might like. What did you get your boys for their first birthdays?

    Can’t wait to see more kitchen photos!:)

  6. Loving the the dress and leggings combo.

    To really fit in at art school little Ms. F will need a giant slouchy hat, a long scarf around the neck and a big shapeless bag to hold her sketchbook and coffee mug 😉

  7. Don’t buy any books until after her birthday!!!!!!!

    For N’s first birthday we got him a walker that converted into a scooter (kind of like this:
    And he also got some bath toys… and books, of course. For A’s first birthday we gave him a drum that made different electronic noises and…. I can’t remember what else.

    The boys will find her something she (and her Mama & Papa) will love!

  8. ooooooooooooooooooooo….. I don’t want to run the book I bought past you!!!! so I’m sorry if you already have it!!! You know I can’t pass up an occasion to buy books! Maybe we can make a skype date for the 17th (and for sooner too!!!) and that might almosttttt be like coming to town ??? maybe?
    Anyway, good thing you don’t live in Toronto.. I went into the cutest kids store on Queen St. West today. They had the most beautiful girls winter jacket, for maybe a three year old? for $130.00… It was honestly hard not to buy it. Anyway! Talk to you soon!

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