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Happy Halloween Y’all!

Happy Halloween Y'all

Ribbit, ribbit!

Have a delightfully frightfull time this evening, and don’t eat too much candy!!

PS, check out the cats going at it in the background!


Walkabout 2

Taking advantage of another fine day to walkabout. After three days of foul weather it felt good to step out into the fresh air and stretch my legs.

The Never Ending Birthday!

This is what arrived in the post yesterday. A BIG box addressed to Miss Frances from her two favorite cousins!

It was full of treasures, new and old, like this lama which came with her mama! There was a polka dot cat that received many hugs, a whole bunch of the boys old books and some Mega Blocks!

In amongst all of these treasures were more birthday presents! Frances and I were chomping at the bit to find out what was underneath all that wrapping, but we thought it would be more fun to wait till daddy got home to find out with us.

Daddy was a big help with tearing off the paper. Hurray, finally an Eric Carle book! (for some crazy reason we just didn’t have any!) The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

A lift the flap book about apples. This will definitely become a favorite with the little mampoul girl!

This book is a riot! Petite Rouge, a Cajun Red Riding Hood. I read this to Frances at breakfast this morning and couldn’t stop laughing! There is even a glossary to help with some of those Cajun words. Fish is Fish by Leo Lionni, love love love his illustrations and have been perusing his books on Amazon. Big Dog Little Dog, and All About Corduroy two of my childhood favorites!

The big one was saved for last, and ooh how exciting, a Playmobile 123 doll house!! I don’t know who was more excited Frances or mama! Auntie Sayer sure knows what a little girl will like! There was also another lady with a car (one can never have enough ladies and cars!!) some more little cars and Franny’s first set of chopsticks. These will come in handy the next time we all eat sushi!!

Thank you SO much Auntie Sayer and the cousins! We are having so much fun playing with all the new toys today and reading all of the new books! We also enjoyed the boys drawings, we’ll have to hang them on the refrigerator. Thanks as well for all the pajamas!!

Act 2 scene 1

Well now that the big birthday has come and gone I feel as though we are entering a new chapter. I guess Frances is officially a toddler. Isn’t that exciting! There are so many new things coming our way and big changes are happening weekly. While no solo steps have been taken yet, Franny is quite proficient in the mobility department and I can see those steps coming closer every day. The excitement and curiosity she attends to everything is awesome. The words she tries to mimic are amusing. No two days are ever the same, which is good for me because life could get rather stale otherwise. I really love this mother thing and although the longing for swaddling, cuddling and cooing creeps in every now and again I’m having too much fun in the present to look back and miss it. Somehow the memory of constant feeding makes it a little less appealing!

Word of the week: apple- mamboul. The girl loves her mambouls!!

Oh, Frances likes to dance now! Well it’s really just rocking. Whenever we say the word music or she hears music she rocks back and forth. Josh was very pleased, one evening she was rocking out to the Clash!!

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Making the most out of the days while the grass is still green and the sky is still blue.

Post-Birthday Blues.

I’m sure other mothers will agree when I say there is nothing more exciting then celebrating your child’s birthday. I love my birthday and I am always so happy when my day comes, but this past weekend celebrating Franny’s first birthday was ten times better! Watching her get all excited about the things we picked out for her when she tore the paper off her parcels. Watching her get very excited about the balloons and decorations. Seeing what other people picked out for her and being surprised myself. Then there’s the cake, the sweet surgery cake! This year it was really all about the firsts and that in its self made it exciting.

So, after cake crumbs settled and the guests cleared out it was time to settle back into the normal daily routine. Put Frances down for a nap (an unsuccessful attempt after the cake!) and face the messy kitchen to throw dinner together. I couldn’t help but think did everyone have a good time. Was this a good first birthday for Frances. Did I make it special enough for her, could I have made it more special. Should I have invited the neighbors. I question everything after the fact and worry that I could have done things better. I know this is silly, Franny had such a fun time and she probably won’t remember much from this special day but I just want to give her the moon. Every mother wants this for her child I’m sure.

The weather yesterday and today is exactly as it was the day we brought Frances home from the hospital. Overcast with a real fall chill in the air. It’s the kind of chill that makes you nudge the heat up a tad. I remember being so tired that day and all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and snuggle our new little sweetie up and sleep. Maybe it’s the post birthday blues, maybe it’s the weather, but I just can’t shake the feeling I had last year at this time when all the excitement of giving birth to this new person was dying down and real life was settling in.

On the up side, we have Christmas to look forward to. Not THE first Christmas, but the first Christmas that Frances will know how to open presents and play with new treasures!

Let Her Eat Cake!

Little Franny knew something exciting was happening when she came down from her morning nap and discovered the streamers and balloons decorating the living and dining rooms. It was her first birthday party with her first cake! Let me just say that no nap was taken this afternoon and going to sleep this evening was a hard sell!

The cake you see in the top photo is a mini version of the cake my sister and I traditionally had on our birthdays. I believe my Nanny made the same cake for my mom when she was a little girl. I still get a lambie cake on my birthday, and now Frances will too!!