Curly pig tails in the valley with apples.

After a little cajoling by the mamas, the papas finally agreed it would be a grand idea to pack the whole fam damily (dog included) into the car and head up to the Annapolis Valley to pick some apples. It is a trip my family would make every year since I can remember and it never really feels like fall until we’ve gone.

Each year it’s the same, picnic at the Prescott House and apple picking across the road at Willowbank farm. It is always fun going to the Prescott house, they have a beautiful garden and incidentally it’s where Josh and I were wed. This was Franny’s first visit to this special place, so a photograph of the three of us in the same spot was a priority.

After our lunches were eaten and the gardens explored we headed across the road to the u pick. It was swarming with other families who obviously had the same great idea as we did. Well, the weather was perfect and next week is Thanksgiving, so that could have added to the madness. Josh had told me earlier that we would only pick a small bag because in the past we took too many and they ended up rotting. How can you only pick a small bag? It’s hard enough to stop at one full bag, there are so many apples and they’re so much fun to pick! So we ended up hauling one large full bag home with us, but it’s alright because we now have an extra person who enjoys apples and I will make apple sauce.

I was really looking forward to visiting all the animals who live on Willowbank farm and showing Frances some creatures we don’t normally see, but to my disappointment they now charge an admission! I was too ticked off about this and decided it wasn’t worth it, maybe next year when she’s older and can really get excited about seeing goats we’ll do it. As a consolation, we found some pigs that were free to look at. Ooh, their tails were so curly and cute!

Frances had such a fantastic time! She is a good little traveler, slept the whole way up and back, and didn’t have any complaints to make about it. She had a picnic, sat in a tree, met lots of pumpkins and two pigs, and had her first whole apple all to herself! Life is good!


4 responses to “Curly pig tails in the valley with apples.

  1. Ya, those photos bring back lots of memories. Remember when we would eat the apples right on the tree and leave the cores!?!?! Ooooo were we sneaky! I think we’re going to an orchard this weekend with Tom & Caroline. I’ve never taken the boys picking before, so I plan on teaching them ALL the fun things to do! And we’re going to eat LOTS of apple fritters – YUM! I can’t wait to have my kitchen back so I can make lots of apple pies, apple sauce, pork and apples, etc. Caroline and Tom came for dinner on Friday night and she made an amazing apple crisp – I have to get the recipe!

    Did you tell Franny all about your special day at the Prescott House? What a wonderful spot for a wedding! Plus you get to go back every year and reminisce!

    Looks like you all had a grand time. Wish we could have come too!

  2. Auntie Sayer

    Andrew and I loved the snerd photo!

  3. Auntie Sayer

    OooooO! I love the monkey shoes in the Daily…maybe!

  4. Wow – Auntie Sayer is a MAJOR comment hog! 😉

    What a wonderful outing for the family. And I’m sure it is so special for you to go back to the place you were wed. I’m not sure that would hold the same appeal for Michael and myself. “Hey honey – let’s go have a picnic on the steps of Boston’s City Hall.”

    And I totally understand about being ticked off at the new admission charge for seeing the animals. Went we went to the Toldeo zoo – which you have to PAY to get in – we wanted to go to the butterfly house and there was an added admission fee – ADDED ADMISSION! We already paid! Now we have to pay more to see butterflies! I was steamed – but my mother was there and she knew Cameron wanted to go in so she paid for us. Stink’ greedy zoo!

    But you got to see free piggies! And free piggies are better than expensive goats any day!

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