Soup’s on!

Last bowl of squash soup with roasted pepper and tomato salsa.

Last bowl of squash soup with roasted pepper and tomato salsa.

Surely I’m not the only one feeling rather soupy lately. I tend to go a little soup crazy this time of year and when January rolls around I will be all souped out. It’s the cooler weather and the over abundance of beautiful fresh local produce calling out for me to make soup. Last week it was the butternut squash, this week some leeks followed me home to join the potato’s and I have been thinking a lot about cauliflower. My mother makes a killer cream of cauliflower soup and then there’s this one Julie concocted. It sounds really fantastic, all those spices that make fall smell so wonderful!

Do you have a favorite soup that evokes a special memory or feeling?


5 responses to “Soup’s on!

  1. Ooooo! I recognize those booties in the Daily….maybe! Those were my FAVORITES! Scott’s Uncle (who owned the rose farm) gave them to Nathaniel!

    My favorite winter soup…. Italian sausage! It was one of the first things I remember making for Scott that became one of his favorites…. Plus it’s hearty and freezes well!

  2. I thought about this all night…. and my very favorite soup (besides the one Julie had last week) has to be Vietnamese Hot and Sour soup from the Quoc Li – one of our favorite restaurants of all time that closed about ten years ago. We still dream about that soup!

  3. Those booties are our favorites as well!! Mostly because they came from the cousins but also because they are so warm and cozy and with the nice leather bottoms Frances doesn’t slip on the wood floors. It’s so nice to hear that they were given to you by someone special!

    Ooh, mom’s Italian sausage soup with the pickles and tortellini is a fantastic soup. I should make that one next!

    Yes, our favorite Vietnamese restaurant Tu Do closed as well and I dream of the spring rolls and vermicelli all the time.

    As for soup, I have too many favorites to pick just one!

  4. Love the latest Daily…maybe of the three of you! Nice to see Ms. F. with a big ol’ smile! Cute hair on you, by the way!
    Off to sand and seal the kitchen floor (we’re on coat #2 of 3)

  5. That soup looks YUM – MY. I’m not even a big soup girl myself. I definitely like it better when someone else makes it. But you are right. When the weather cools down, there’s nothing better than soup.

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