Gobble gobble!

Pecan pumpkin pie, oh my!

Pecan pumpkin pie, oh my!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have eaten well and are sufficiently stuffed!

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow if you live in Canada!


4 responses to “Gobble gobble!

  1. Oooo! Is that pecan pie…. Scott will be SO jealous! That’s his favorite! Maybe once the kitchen is done I’ll be able to attempt to make one!

    Making a pork tenderloin and some baked apples for dinner tonight to celebrate! I heard you had a delicious pork for dinner last night…. and an incredible pumpkin pie…

    Off to have another glass of wine (and ignore the yelling….)

  2. It’s actually pecan pumpkin pie. Pecan is my favorite pie, but for Thanksgiving I figured pumpkin was the proper kind, so I just added pecans.

    Wine is always good for that eh!

  3. I that what you Canadians eat for thanksgiving – pork? I’m so sick of chicken I may have to eat a pig! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Do you remember those really cute curly tailed pigs from a few posts back, well…… I’m sure they are someones dinner!!

    Most people around here eat turkey, but our family isn’t crazy about it so it’s always something different from year to year. Pork goes so well with apples and pears as well.

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