October 16 2007

October 16 2007

Here we were one year ago today, all 150 lbs. of us, eating our first yummy hospital lunch anticipating the trip ahead! It didn’t play out the way I had imagined it would and I doubt it usually does. I thought I would wake up in the middle of the night and nudge Josh in the ribs saying “it’s time”. Then we would travel to the hospital, check in, get into position, puff and push a few times and out would come baby! No, it didn’t happen that way. I’ll spare you all the gory details and just say that my amniotic sac tore so they decided to keep me in the hospital and induce me. It was a long and wild ride. It was the most intense and amazing place I have ever been and nothing like I imagined or feared. It was a total trip! Now we have a big birthday to get ready for tomorrow!


4 responses to “Remembering

  1. Mmmmm!!! Hospital food! Are you going to take Frannie back and introduce her to institution food?
    I can’t believe she’ll be one year old tomorrow! Maybe the boys and I will bake a cake and celebrate here – wish we could be there, though 😦

    Are you going to wake up in the morning and give her her presents (like we used to do when we were little)?

    Make sure you take all sorts of photos – especially of the first cake!

  2. Seger’s “I had a rooster” does it go….
    Oh, I had a little rooster and my rooster had me.
    And I fed my little rooster under yonder tree.
    My little rooster sang:
    Cooooooock…a…. doooooodle….. doooo….. doooo…doooo

  3. It’s so funny, Jessica, when you were describing how labor didn’t go for you – that’s almost exactly how it did go for me. I started my contractions in the middle of the night and after going downstairs to time them and suffer in silence, I finally woke Michael up. I think it’s time. He didn’t really hear me at first and wanted to go back to sleep so I said – okay, I’ll wait a few more minutes and went to suffer on the stairs. Then he woke up and we got the show on the road.

    HA HA

    Happy Birthday to Frannie! I know it will be a wonderful celebration and the first of many others!

  4. Ya Sayer, it goes something like that. Our version goes “I fed my rooster on a green berry tree”

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