Happy Birthday Frances!

October 17 2007

October 17 2007

October 17 2008

October 17 2008


2 responses to “Happy Birthday Frances!

  1. Wow! From newborn to sushi in one year! Wow! I can’t believe she’s One! I love the photos of the presents being unwrapped… and everyone still in their PJ’s. That’s the way it’s done!

    So, did she like the avocado roll? Was this her first time? I remember Nathaniel eating his avocado rolls the same way. Andrew…. wouldn’t touch the stuff!

    Did she like her cake?

    I’m so glad you posted photos. I’ve been waiting all day 😉

  2. We all had a fantastic day! Frances seemed to enjoy her avocado roll. She mostly ate the rice on the outside and a bit of the avocado inside. The seaweed was a little tough. Yes, this was her first sushi! Caitlin thinks this should be a Frances birthday tradition, and I agree (if she likes it as much as we do!!)

    No cake yet, it is actually in the oven right now. I was going to make her a cake for her real birthday but Nanny convinced me that all the grandparents would probably like to see her eat her first cake as well. I think she’s right. She will have cake tomorrow and we will take lots of photos!!

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