Act 2 scene 1

Well now that the big birthday has come and gone I feel as though we are entering a new chapter. I guess Frances is officially a toddler. Isn’t that exciting! There are so many new things coming our way and big changes are happening weekly. While no solo steps have been taken yet, Franny is quite proficient in the mobility department and I can see those steps coming closer every day. The excitement and curiosity she attends to everything is awesome. The words she tries to mimic are amusing. No two days are ever the same, which is good for me because life could get rather stale otherwise. I really love this mother thing and although the longing for swaddling, cuddling and cooing creeps in every now and again I’m having too much fun in the present to look back and miss it. Somehow the memory of constant feeding makes it a little less appealing!

Word of the week: apple- mamboul. The girl loves her mambouls!!

Oh, Frances likes to dance now! Well it’s really just rocking. Whenever we say the word music or she hears music she rocks back and forth. Josh was very pleased, one evening she was rocking out to the Clash!!

[mixwit_mixtape wid=”352cfe547b3079a09199967b740660cd” pid=”53111fd07bf8092cb9454e7298232e95″ un=”decodaco” width=”426″ height=”327″ center=”true”]


3 responses to “Act 2 scene 1

  1. oooh – she’s a hard rock baby. I remember when Cam would do the baby bounce dance. It was like a whole year he’d get down with his bad self. Then he stopped. Now when he dances it’s like a ninja on crack – it’s hilarious. He’s pre-break-dancing.

    You should get video of Frannie bopping if you can.

  2. My nephew was all about the “bapples.” I love the toddler language grappling, it’s awesome.

  3. Love the mix tape you made for Ms. F!
    Any packages arrive yet?
    Any chance you’re in the market for a 18 month blue snow suit from the outdoor place in Halifax? (Nanny bought it for the boys…. it’s too small for them now 😦 )
    I loved it when the boys came up with crazy words for things. We still use lots of them! Goodness, we still call him Nana because that’s what little brother called him!
    Post more photos! And I’ll send some new ones of the boys.. and my kitchen (much drama this week – ask Nanny to relay the story at the market on Saturday!)
    Miss you guys SO mmuch!

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