The Never Ending Birthday!

This is what arrived in the post yesterday. A BIG box addressed to Miss Frances from her two favorite cousins!

It was full of treasures, new and old, like this lama which came with her mama! There was a polka dot cat that received many hugs, a whole bunch of the boys old books and some Mega Blocks!

In amongst all of these treasures were more birthday presents! Frances and I were chomping at the bit to find out what was underneath all that wrapping, but we thought it would be more fun to wait till daddy got home to find out with us.

Daddy was a big help with tearing off the paper. Hurray, finally an Eric Carle book! (for some crazy reason we just didn’t have any!) The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

A lift the flap book about apples. This will definitely become a favorite with the little mampoul girl!

This book is a riot! Petite Rouge, a Cajun Red Riding Hood. I read this to Frances at breakfast this morning and couldn’t stop laughing! There is even a glossary to help with some of those Cajun words. Fish is Fish by Leo Lionni, love love love his illustrations and have been perusing his books on Amazon. Big Dog Little Dog, and All About Corduroy two of my childhood favorites!

The big one was saved for last, and ooh how exciting, a Playmobile 123 doll house!! I don’t know who was more excited Frances or mama! Auntie Sayer sure knows what a little girl will like! There was also another lady with a car (one can never have enough ladies and cars!!) some more little cars and Franny’s first set of chopsticks. These will come in handy the next time we all eat sushi!!

Thank you SO much Auntie Sayer and the cousins! We are having so much fun playing with all the new toys today and reading all of the new books! We also enjoyed the boys drawings, we’ll have to hang them on the refrigerator. Thanks as well for all the pajamas!!


6 responses to “The Never Ending Birthday!

  1. I’m so glad the package finally arrived!
    I saw the cajun book and thought that you and Josh would get a kick out of it (not so sure what Miss F. will think….) Also thought, if the occasion arises, it would be a good one for Grampy to read!

    The Playmobil…. my boys STILL play with their little guy sets. They can get mixed in with the big kid ones!

    Did you like my eco-friendly packing? Instead of bubblewrap or peanuts, I used outgrown pj’s, stuffed animals, and mega blocks…. pretty smart, huh?

    And, you can’t go wrong with the ol’ classics – Fred & Ted (we read it at least once a week – Nathaniel can even read it now!), The Hungry Caterpillar, and Corduroy!

    Hope this keeps you busy till Christmas…..
    Wish I was there to see the unwrapping!

  2. Oh ya. I bought the doll house because the two characters on the front looked like you and Frannie! I was trying to find another character that looked like Daddy…. but, maybe you’ll just have to wait to see what comes at Christmas….

  3. We did love the eco packing, much better than packing noodles! And more fun to play with!! 🙂

  4. That Auntie Sayer – she’s a good gift giver, isn’t she?!

  5. She’s the best!!

  6. Now, I want photos of you and Miss F. playing with the toys… especially the doll house!

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