Walkabout 2

Taking advantage of another fine day to walkabout. After three days of foul weather it felt good to step out into the fresh air and stretch my legs.


7 responses to “Walkabout 2

  1. The crow photo reminds me of those cool bowls Mom & Dad have!
    Off to have a play date with Madeleine (Nathaniel is still in love with her) and Sophia (her sister who’s in preschool with Andrew.)

  2. Hey! Did you make your hat in the Daily…maybe? Where’d you get the pattern? I want to make one for ME!

  3. Oh young love!!

    It was a basic beret pattern that I lightly felted on my washboard.
    You really should join Ravelry, you can find SO many free and cool patterns there. It would totally get you back into knitting and we could be friends!!
    Do it Sayer, do it!!!!

  4. Yeah Sayer DO IT! (I just wanted to add to the peer pressure.)

    I, too, love the crow pic. There’s a woman who does paper cuttings of crows on telephone wires. Very cool.

  5. Julie, is that Nikki McClure you are talking about? I love her stuff!

  6. You look like Granny in that beautiful green hat.

  7. I look like my mother! 🙂

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