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Fostering a young artist.

Portrait of the young artist.

Portrait of the young artist.

Coming from a family of artists, it’s only natural that I will rely heavily on arts and crafts for amusement and teaching. After talking to Josh the other night and a mother from our Friday afternoon playgroup I decided it was time to introduce Frances to the wonderful world of mark making. With my endless supply of paper and a new box full of colorful non toxic markers we plunged right in. It was a beautiful, successful mess! I believe we may have a budding artist in our hands. Ok, every kid loves to color, but I think it’ll be in her jeans (oh I mean genes!)

On a side note, I have added photos of our collaborative undertaking on my flicker. Just click on the photos over there on the right. You will also see our amazing girl standing all on her own! I seem to think walking will take place in the next few weeks!!


Fold paper, scissors, star.




In all of my paper crafting life, why didn’t I learn how to make these German stars until now!?

I can’t stop, my knitting is suffering!!




What a beautiful morning. The damp skeletal remains of the trees had become encrusted in ice crystals with the -5′ temperature.

We had a foot of snow fall over the weekend. All this wintry weather is making me giddy for Christmas! It’s funny, last week I would have grumbled Bah Humbug! But with all the snow and the realization that I over paid the power bill last month I am singing Ding Dong Merely on High!

Let the preparations begin… paper stars and decorations to excite and delight little Franny. Ah I love that little pointer finger and the attempt at new words “star”! The mental lists of little toys to surprise her on Christmas morning. Oh, and the ongoing discussions over what would taste best for Christmas dinner. Very important!

Skinny legs and all.

I have never been one to obsess over my weight and appearance, I’m to preoccupied with the joys of motherhood now for such silliness. As long as I feel strong and healthy I am happy. I rarely wear makeup and when it comes to style, I am all about function over fashion. Sure I like to think I still have a little funk left in me, but really I kind of dress like a mom now. Lately I have found myself feeling a little like a sac of potatoes. I am happy to say I have not succumbed to the saggy overall look, but with all the weight I have lost post-baby my pants have all become quite baggy.

When it comes to shopping I have more fun finding treasures for Frances. There are few opportunities for me to get out on my own to even try clothes on and I feel so impractical and guilty spending money on myself. In the back of my mind I am always thinking it would be so nice to find a new pair of blue jeans that actually fit. Well this past Tuesday presented an opportunity. My wonderful mother had some time to take Frances and I over to the thrift shop. She was also sweet enough to sit in the car while Frances was sleeping so that I could find myself some new (new to me!) blue jeans.

Wow, what a difference to have clothes that fit! The once feared “skinny” jean has now become my best friend. I believe this is just the pick me up I needed, all for $5.99. I think I might just become a little vain and get out some makeup. I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. I feel like such a hot mama! Now if I could just keep my full chest, I’d be the complete package. Guess I’ll just have to keep nursing!!



How to amuse a small girl named Frances:


Collect a good selection of smallish toys.


Find a bag with lots of pockets. This camera bag is perfect!


Stuff each pocket and compartment with the collection of toys.


Find a comfortable location and let the girl at it!

Now go make dinner!

A teen in baby months!



Today Frances is thirteen months old! Holy cow, she is such a growing girl! It really is amazing how fast kids this age learn and change. I don’t remember teaching her where the shoe was on her foot, but one day I said Frances, where is the shoe on your foot and she lifted up her leg and pointed to her foot! If we say the word brush, she rubs the hair on her head. She tries to say so many of the words we say to her, it’s pretty funny. She loves to hug, kiss and be close and if the radio is playing music, she loves to dance with her daddy!

She’s a tiny girl, just like her mom and dad I suppose. We have a new playgroup that we like and she looks so tiny to me when I see her with all the other kids. There are two little girls about nine or ten months old who are the same size as Franny. She seems to be coming out of her shell at the library. Last Friday she made a few vocalizations when Penny was singing with puppets!

Her favorite book right now is Goodnight Moon. I think it’s because of the red balloon, she has become obsessed with balloons since her birthday. I think she also really likes the illustrations and the juxtaposition of colour to black and white.

Watching Frances explore her world is really exciting. She is very thoughtful in her play and examines objects very carefully. Books are still one of her favorite things, although she really likes her Playmobil ladies and cars.

The fun never stops, the more Franny grows, the more the fun does as well!

Mellow mama.

Marshmallow heaven.

Marshmallow heaven.

Have you ever eaten a real marshmallow? I think I died and went to heaven, and I don’t even believe in that stuff! It was like eating a cloud or a pillow filled with the finest goose down. In the second that one of these lovelies passed my lips and touched my tongue, I vowed to never eat a mass produced marshmallow again! Oh my goodness, pure ecstasy!!