Mama got a haircut…

and Franny got a haircut…

and this is the face she likes to make lately!

It started when she knew she was caught in the act of no good and now she seems to do it for no reason? Maybe it’s because her mama tends to scowl when she’s in deep thought!?

Josh seems to think that my parents house is conducive to learning because Frances said “Otie” ( Otis the cat) and “goldfish” (the cracker) while we were over there for dinner last night. She can also say Rosco (the Bear) and cold. Oh yes, she also likes to give soft things hugs.

It is starting to get chilly. The heat has been on, the hot water bottle on my feet at bedtime and a warm scarf around my neck when venturing out. I have started knitting myself a warm woolly sweater!


3 responses to “Faces

  1. Love your ‘do. That seems to be a good cut for you. I would love something like that but my hair isn’t thick enough to pull it off.

    Isn’t fun to listen to little Frannie’s vocabulary emerge?!

    Stay warm!

  2. Goldfish – I am impressed Miss Frances! While out and about today I found something pretty and pink for little Frances – I’ll bring them to knitting this week 🙂

  3. I LOVE the “Oooooo!” face! She’s certainly inherited the crazy talent the Rogers’ girls have for making faces! I’ll have to coach her the next time I see her 😉

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