Sleepy head.

Slerepy sleeperson.

Sleepy sleeperson.

After reading one of Sara’s comments on yesterdays Daily…Maybe, I thought I would share this quiet moment with you. As she said, there is nothing better then a sleeping baby! So peaceful and still. Oh, it makes me tired just looking at her!


3 responses to “Sleepy head.

  1. Re: the Daily…. Maybe
    What are you teaching Ms. F!?!?!?! That it’s okay for cats to mow people over in cars!?!?!?! Or are you reinacting Toonsis the driving cat?

  2. OMG – Look at how sweet she is. I LOVE pic of babes asleep. They are so peaceful and they radiate love.

  3. Ordered Ms. F’s Christmas present this a.m….. can’t wait!

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