Skinny legs and all.

I have never been one to obsess over my weight and appearance, I’m to preoccupied with the joys of motherhood now for such silliness. As long as I feel strong and healthy I am happy. I rarely wear makeup and when it comes to style, I am all about function over fashion. Sure I like to think I still have a little funk left in me, but really I kind of dress like a mom now. Lately I have found myself feeling a little like a sac of potatoes. I am happy to say I have not succumbed to the saggy overall look, but with all the weight I have lost post-baby my pants have all become quite baggy.

When it comes to shopping I have more fun finding treasures for Frances. There are few opportunities for me to get out on my own to even try clothes on and I feel so impractical and guilty spending money on myself. In the back of my mind I am always thinking it would be so nice to find a new pair of blue jeans that actually fit. Well this past Tuesday presented an opportunity. My wonderful mother had some time to take Frances and I over to the thrift shop. She was also sweet enough to sit in the car while Frances was sleeping so that I could find myself some new (new to me!) blue jeans.

Wow, what a difference to have clothes that fit! The once feared “skinny” jean has now become my best friend. I believe this is just the pick me up I needed, all for $5.99. I think I might just become a little vain and get out some makeup. I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. I feel like such a hot mama! Now if I could just keep my full chest, I’d be the complete package. Guess I’ll just have to keep nursing!!



3 responses to “Skinny legs and all.

  1. Hey Hot Mama!! (Hope Mr. Josh has noticed….) You look AWESOME Ms. Skinny Mini!
    Isn’t nursing GREAT! That’s how I lost all the weight! What size are you down to now?

  2. Sweet jeans! It’s amazing how a nice pair of jeans can just make a girl feel sassy. (And for the record you’re one of the funkiest folks that I know, the other one lives in San Diego on a sailboat).

    Time to go show off your sassiness!

  3. I’m so glad you got to go out and have a little “me” time and get some jeans that boost your butt and self-esteem!

    I was just like you – it was more fun to spend money on Cam and where was I going that I had to look go anyway? But after a few years – you start getting your groove back. You’ll be back in full funk by Kindergarten, I’m sure.

    You look great!

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