What a beautiful morning. The damp skeletal remains of the trees had become encrusted in ice crystals with the -5′ temperature.

We had a foot of snow fall over the weekend. All this wintry weather is making me giddy for Christmas! It’s funny, last week I would have grumbled Bah Humbug! But with all the snow and the realization that I over paid the power bill last month I am singing Ding Dong Merely on High!

Let the preparations begin… paper stars and decorations to excite and delight little Franny. Ah I love that little pointer finger and the attempt at new words “star”! The mental lists of little toys to surprise her on Christmas morning. Oh, and the ongoing discussions over what would taste best for Christmas dinner. Very important!


5 responses to “Frosty

  1. Ah yes, the never ending discussion of what everyone would like to eat for Christmas. Should be easier for poor old Mom this year as she won’t have to worry about us 😦

    Love the photos – looks COLD! This weekend is Thanksgiving – looks like a nice weekend here!

  2. Man, I don’t think I could handle a foot of snow this soon. Michael could. He’s already looking forward to it. But I know how I get after too much snow, so I like for it to hold off until 2 days before Christmas. Then it’s OK.

    Having kids around at Christmas makes it all the more fun, doesn’t it?

  3. So beautiful! It does feel christmasy here too! The shop windows at the Bay are especially festive.. you can see lines of children out front of them and I can clearly remember doing the same as a child. Christmas is going to be weird here this year! We’re having it on the 20th, as my mom is going to Costa Rica on the 22nd…then my brothers will be off to their girlfriends for the 24th, I imagine… so not quite sure what is in store for me this year!!!

  4. Caitlin, why don’t you look for a cheap ticket and come spend Christmas with us!! 🙂

  5. ooooo!!! That’s very tempting! Sadly I think that anything over $100 is more than I can manage 😦 BUT!!! I think I might just have bought a loom (making travel even more unrealistic)!!! Don’t know where I’m going to put it.. or how I’m going to pick it up (it’s in a small town about an hour outside of Toronto) but it is reallllly inexpensive! And is almost the same as the one I lost…. and I just spoke with the woman on the phone and she said she’d hold it for me for the next couple weeks and if I can’t pick it up is willing to figure some sort of shipping or delivery out!!! That’s my news for today. Your stars are beautiful too, btw.

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