Fold paper, scissors, star.




In all of my paper crafting life, why didn’t I learn how to make these German stars until now!?

I can’t stop, my knitting is suffering!!


3 responses to “Fold paper, scissors, star.

  1. Oooh – how did you learn to make those? They’re gorgeous!!!

  2. I’m impressed – I can only make paper cranes if I’m reading the directions. I think I’ll stick to knitting.

  3. We made those one Saturday afternoon at the museum when we were kids. I LOVED making those – I couldn’t stop!! I wish I could still remember how. Where did you find the pattern?

    You and your origami! Remember those beautiful shrimp you made everyone for Christmas? I wish I still had mine….

    Just wait till you see what I’ve been making… you can open it on Christmas morning 😉

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