Fostering a young artist.

Portrait of the young artist.

Portrait of the young artist.

Coming from a family of artists, it’s only natural that I will rely heavily on arts and crafts for amusement and teaching. After talking to Josh the other night and a mother from our Friday afternoon playgroup I decided it was time to introduce Frances to the wonderful world of mark making. With my endless supply of paper and a new box full of colorful non toxic markers we plunged right in. It was a beautiful, successful mess! I believe we may have a budding artist in our hands. Ok, every kid loves to color, but I think it’ll be in her jeans (oh I mean genes!)

On a side note, I have added photos of our collaborative undertaking on my flicker. Just click on the photos over there on the right. You will also see our amazing girl standing all on her own! I seem to think walking will take place in the next few weeks!!


2 responses to “Fostering a young artist.

  1. It’s so wonderful to watch kids get into art. Cameron has always loved to get good and artsy. And congrats to the big girl for standing on her own two feet!

    I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Wow! Look at her stand. She’s getting to be such a big girl!

    You can’t beat a big piece of paper and some markers…. life doesn’t get much better! How fun!

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