Hey you!

Let’s see, what have we been up to lately? Our library group has ended for the holidays and will recommence in the new year. We have made some new friends through the program and will get together for some fun activities and much needed mama chat. On Tuesday we had our first adventure to a swimming pool. I knew by Franny’s personality there would be a little apprehension, and her initial reaction was “cold”! Just as her mama did as a wee gal, she hung on quite tightly and wouldn’t allow her hands to touch the water. I think we need to try again and go often. I want Frances to be a strong swimmer and feel comfortable in the water. Maybe I can find a pool with warmer water.

Christmas is fast approaching and we are starting to get a little excited. Well I am, Josh worries too much about other people. The only person I am concerning myself with this year is Frances. I have done a little shopping and a lot of looking. There certainly is tons of junk out there and the more I look, the less I want to buy. I could blabber on and on about plastic toys and crap from China, but I’m sure you know how I feel and I won’t put you through that! I have found a few treasures that are sure to delight little miss F on Christmas morning and I have a few books in mind to collect over the next few weeks. Oh Christmas morning is going to be so much fun!!

Along with Christmas, I think some first steps are coming soon! Frances is so pleased with herself as she stands on her own. There has been some one handed walking and we are helping her build the confidence with lots of praise and encouragement.

New words are a constant! Every time we open our mouths so does she, repeating the words. The other evening we said the word telephone, Frances out of the blue said “hello”! So amusing!

What have you been up to lately?


One response to “Lately

  1. Yes, there is TONS of crap out there. Which is why the boys are getting “lessons” (swimming, skating and maybe karate) for Christmas. We have found a few little things to put under the tree. But, with the impending move, I’m trying to downsize!

    I have a package for you folks that I’ll get in the mail on Monday (just have to find the right box…. such a dilema).

    Sorry to hear that Ms. F. is not a water bug… but that will come! It’s in here genes! But, I can’t wait to see the first photos (or video!) of her first unaided steps. Oh, so exciting!

    Glad to hear all is well! We miss you!

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