Lately I’ve had the overwhelming urge to scrub the house from top to bottom. Do you think I might be… . Ha, ha just kidding, but with the frigid temperature the latest snow fall brought with it , I feel as though we are nestling in for a long winter. Maybe I’m a bit nostalgic for that little baby I was snuggled up with at this time last year. I was perfectly happy to be stuck inside with her, but this year I am a little anxious at the prospect of being house bound by the weather. I somehow feel if the house is clean it won’t be so bad. I would like to transform Franny’s room into a magnificent playroom to break up the monotony of always playing on the main floor of the house. Yeah, I think that might make my life better (as if it could get better!)

Cleaning a whole house is a big undertaking, especially with a toddler in tow. It’s nice to have the company but only a fraction of what was planned is actually accomplished. Slowly but surely, a little bit here and a little there and I’m already starting to feel better! Now, if I could teach Frances to clean we’d be done in no time!

I’ll leave you with a few visuals of our past week. Oh and Josh, if you read this before you head home, I have a really big craving for something sweet. Some Christmas bonbons of sorts? I swear I’m really not…!!! Yeah you wish!!!!








6 responses to “Nesting

  1. Hmmmm…. just what are you hinting at little sis? I’m intrigued…. are we going to miss some big news around the dinner table on Christmas night?

    I too am on a cleaning frenzy…. but it’s because Bryn has fleas! (his first ever!). I feel it’s a loosing battle. No matter how much I vacume, wash the dog, spray, vacume, wash the floor, vacume, frontline the dog, spray, vacume…. those little buggers are still there……

    I love all the photos…. especially the snerd face (my favorite!)

    How did you make that cool star?

    Keep your eyes peeled next week…. I mailed your package today….. But, don’t open it until December 25!

  2. No, no, no. God no!!! Just getting a reaction!

    Here’s the directions for the star. Real easy!

  3. My favorite pick is the one where Frannie is sitting at the table like a CEo waiting to hear some l proposal from an incompetent employee.

  4. AH HA HA HA HA HA! Julie you’re SPOT ON! She could give Pearl “the landlord” a run for her money!

  5. Who’s Pearl “the landlord”?

    I love that pic, I laugh every time I look at it!

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