Not MIA, just a little Lost.

What are those people from the boat after, and why does Kate have Aaron?

Finally, the fourth season of Lost has come out on DVD. Now we’ll be caught up and ready for the fifth season to start in the new year. I’m the kind of person who has to watch a program or movie from the very beginning, so a few years back when I started to hear all the hype over this program it was too late for me to hop on board. Being house bound last winter with not much to watch on TV, I thought it might be a good idea to see what this Lost show was all about. I figured with one episode a night it would eat up a good two weeks. No, we devoured it in a week! Just one more became two, then three more. We were hooked! By the time we got to the third season I was so worried I would have serious withdraw waiting months for the next one to come out. I guess after a week I forgot all about it and now here we are, eating dinner and putting Frances to bed a little earlier so that we can get “just one more” episode in before bedtime!

Just in time for watching Lost, I’m on a sock kick again. Last year I went a little crazy knitting socks for Frances, because A. where do you find well made wool baby socks not made in China at a reasonable price? You don’t! and B. they are so fun and fast to make! Now I know what people mean when they say kids grow out of things so fast because there is no way last years socks will still fit those growing feet this year. Can you believe her feet were so tiny!?


I usually suffer from single sock syndrome, I have many single socks to prove it. If I thought it was cool to wear mismatched socks I would be all set! I don’t seem to have the same issue with tiny ones, knitting two small socks is the same as knitting one big sock.


The pattern for these lovelies came from Ravelry. The pattern was really meant for legwarmers, which I intend on making, but I thought they would also be sweet as socks. I am just about ready to turn the heel, and I’d say by the end of our Lost evening I should be well into the second one!!


Mother’s little helper!


5 responses to “Not MIA, just a little Lost.

  1. Ack! She is getting SO big! (as if I really expected her to remain small forever). We will definitely have to have a visist over the holidays – and I will hide some goodies in my knitting bag for Frances to discover đŸ™‚

  2. This post is so funny to me because just yesterday I watched the final three episode of season four of Lost while eating my lunch, then embroidering. So I know what the people on the boat want – kinda – but I definitely know what Kate’s doing with Aaron.

    Oh man – I LOVE THAT SHOW!

    Those socks are so sweet!

  3. Don’t you know that wearing mismatched socks is the in thing to do!?!?!

    I used to love it when the boys were small and they’d help me sort the clothes.

    Now… for the big question…. is Ms. F. walking yet?! She certainly seems stable on those big feet of hers!

    Love the socks! I need to finish Julie’s hat and then I can get into some other projects. (sorry Julie, the holidays sort of took the wind out of my sails….. I’ll work on it over break!) I found a hat in a women’s clothes catalogue that I’m deperate to figure out. It’s like your green beret, but it’s not felted and it’s a little more poofy.

    Any packages yet?

  4. Don’t tell me, don’t tell me!!

    No walking yet, although over the weekend there were a few attempts made with three little steps and “oh my goodness I walked, I don’t know about this, must fall on my bum!” This happened a few times.

    Does walking on the knees count? Soon, very soon!

  5. SNOW DAY!!! First one of the year….. waiting for the white stuff to start. Going to hang around at home and make cookies for Santa and Daddy. Then, when there’s enough snow, we’re going to bundle up in our snow suits and play in the snow! WOO HOO! It’s going to be a great day! Then, off to a Solstice party at Dame Julie’s!

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