Walking on shunshine!

Snow, snow snow! Another snowy day. Is it just me or do we seem to be getting a fair amount of snow this winter? I don’t remember having as many snowy days last year but then again I was in la la land with baby bliss. I guess we won’t be traveling over to the homestead for Sunday dinner tonight. Shucks, it’s something we all look forward to. I like to eat my mothers food, Josh likes to drink Coca Cola and eat goldfish while vegging out in front of the tv (that’s too dark to even watch) with my dad and Frances likes to play the peananno.
Well, I believe we finally have a walker! Yesterday and today Frances seems to have taken off and lost all  inhibition. I think she may have seen one of her little buddies running around so well the other day and decided she could do the same in the comfort of her own home. She’s a funny girl and so proud of herself. As she should be!

Walking!, originally uploaded by decodaco39.


5 responses to “Walking on shunshine!

  1. WOW! Look at her go! I think she’s really got it! Watch out, now that she can walk, she’s going to start RUNNING!!!! That’s SO exciting!

  2. How cute is that?! Isn’t it so exciting – these early milestones. You must be one proud Mama.

  3. Wow, some great pictures of you all. Wheres grandpappy Freddy ?? He must be out riding his bike. He needs to get a Franny tow along so she can ride along.

  4. Ha, she’ll be riding a tricycle around before we know it and racing ol’ grandpappy up and down the street!!

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