Art class


Today Frances and I went to the art gallery for a baby art workshop. It was the perfect activity for a wintry day and one I had been looking forward to all weekend. Brown paper covered the floor where we started out clean and worked into messy. The gal who facilitated the workshop was great, she gave all the kids some salt dough to get them started then she gradually introduced different mediums. We used crayons, markers, finger paint, and paint with brushes and sponges. There was also some corn starch goop that was fun to play in.

All the kids dove in with gusto and were completely covered from head to toe. Not our Frances. Oh she is her mothers daughter alright. She took it all in at first then slowly and daintily got her hands a little messy. She stayed in the same spot the entire time and probably could have stayed there all day. Just as things started wrapping up we were really getting into it.

I’m never quite sure what would be appropriate for a child of Franny’s age, so it was really good to see what aspect of the workshop she was interested in. Also good to go somewhere where mess doesn’t really matter. We have already tried markers with great success and crayons seem like a good and less messy alternative. I’ll have to find or make some that are big and easy to hold on to. Frances also seemed to enjoy the paint brush. Our friend Rebecca (Miss Knit) gave us some nice big sketch books yesterday that will come in very handy as we explore more art and mark making.


2 responses to “Art class

  1. Remember our Saturday morning art classes. Boy, were those fun. Does NSCAD still do them?

    She looks like she’s REALLY enjoying herself! I bet you were in seventh heaven.

    I love to strip the boys down, cover the kitchen in craft paper, and let them go to town with paints. Then all i have to do is throw them in the tub. I also make sure this is a day that the tub needs to be cleaned too 😉 I have some really great pieces of art with prints of different body parts…..

    Off to make my favorite dinner…. Nanny’s pepper steak!

  2. Wow – sounds like a fun class. I remember giving Cam some watercolors to paint with at this age. By two he was ready for the easel. You are now entering the wonderful world of gushing over your child’s art. Better get some big folders!

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