I must have jinxed myself last week when I said “oh we’ve only had one major cold in our house since Frances was born and even that didn’t seem so bad.” Yesterday a scratchy throat and runny nose snuck up on Frances and I. I should have known better as I had been a little tired for the past few days and Frances had been a little more needy. It’s inevitable with all the sickness going around this season and when we get together with other kids it’s bound to make the rounds. I’m so glad the day is almost over and we can finally get some rest and hopefully feel better in the morning.

Now onto the evolution of Frances. Walking! She is turning into a walking machine. Still a little wobbly but so good at it and so proud of herself! Penny the music lady will be so impressed if we make it to the library tomorrow. When we were leaving our last library group before Christmas, Penny said “I bet Frances will walk right through that door when you come back.” I was beginning to think that might not happen, but sure enough Penny was right! What else… when we ask Frances “who’s Frances” she pats her chest and says “me!” When she feels like she is finished eating her meal she will put her cup and eating utensil into her bowl and push it away on the table and say “done.” If she wants more of something like mango (her new favorite fruit) she will say “more, more, more.” Words are falling out of her mouth like you’ve won the jackpot from a slot machine. I am constantly amazed by the words she says, if she sees me heading down to the basement she will say “washing machine.” We like to count together, I’ll say one, she’ll say two, I’ll say three, she’ll say four and so on. If we are looking at a book I’ll say something like “Frances, how many birds can you count?” She will take my pointer finger and point it around and say “four, four, four…” So cute! Books continue to be one of her favorite things, all day she will bring me books to read her. I am very happy about this and hope the love of books will always be with her.


2 responses to “Jinxed.

  1. I loved the video of Ms. F where Josh is asking her where her belly button is! And her shoes…. and she corrects him and says “boots”! What a talker! And now, a walker!

    Get her exposed to as many colds and germs as you can now. So that when she starts school, she (and you) won’t be sick all the time!

    P.S. Love that sweater 😉

  2. I love the sweater as well. It is getting a little on the small side so I put it on her as much as possible 🙂

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