Books, books and more books!

A selection of favorite books.

A selection of favorite books.

Today we were back to the library. I was on the fence about going as the temperature was a frigid -21, -31 with the windchill. (That’s -5.8, -23.8 for you Americans) Josh’s dad called and offered to drive us, so we gladly accepted and headed down. There were lots of new little babes in the group today which makes Frances seem like such a big girl. It is amazing how just a few months can totally change a baby developmentally. I always find it strange to see babies, so drooly and stunned looking. For the record, Frances NEVER drooled. Not even once! The last time she was teething and four molars came in at once she was so freaked out by the drool that she would hold it in her mouth until Josh or I would have her spit it out into a tissue. I don’t remember her being so stunned looking either but then again would I freely admit to having a stunned child? You spend so much time looking at your own kid, you think they are perfect in every way, the most beautiful creature ever, that when you see other kids you think my goodness that kid has a HUGE head I hope they don’t fall over. Or wow, that kid’s got man hands. Do you ever wonder what people think about your kid? When Frances was a new baby and I spent my days gazing at her small head and tiny features, Josh would come home and I had such a hard time looking at him because his head looked gigantic and weird. I don’t think he’s weird looking but the size difference totally freaked me out!

Book are taking over our small house, we may need to build our own library soon! I have been rediscovering some of my favorite childhood books and discovering wonderful new books that will surely become classics. Illustrations are the main selling point for me, a good story is key as well but when I pick up a book I react first to the illustrations. Ezra Jack Keats for example, The Snowy Day, just beautiful! Simplistic collage relying on color, pattern and texture to tell the story of a boys adventures in the snow. Goggles is another Keats book I fondly remember. In The Baby’s Catalogue, Janet and Allan Ahlberg use softly colored hand drawings to illustrate everyday life in a baby’s world. Frances relates really well to this book. We also like Each Peach Pear Plum. We seem to be acquiring a nice little collection of Jan Brett books. These are new to me and a delight to find. Her most popular book and the one we read frequently is The Mitten. The main story is told in the center of the two pages while a panel on each side tells a back story and a foreshadowing that relates to the next page. While this concept is a little advanced for Frances it is something she will eventually understand. A cleaver way to keep the book interesting!

Maybe I will hold of on telling you about some of our other favorite books for another day. Maybe I should do a book a week. What are some of your favorite childrens books?


9 responses to “Books, books and more books!

  1. Boo hiss – the photos aren’t coming up today. (pout)

    One of Cam’s favorite baby books was Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb – I loved reading that one because the rhythm of the words is so great. He also liked those silly Sandra Boyton books a lot. If you’re looking for beautiful illustrations check out John J. Muth. Zen Shorts is GORGEOUS. I don’t know if Frannie would be down with the story yet – but OH the watercolors.

  2. Oh yes Hand Hand Finger Thumb. I can still recite it word for word. One of our favorites (and my favorite as a child) is Mickey in the Night Kitchen! We love the Mo Willems Pigeon Books and his Knuffle Bunny. And the Mister Books…. we’re into Mister T-work that rhymes with Nickel.

    And of course there’s always the J.C. Phillipps book that’s coming out in a few months called Wink! The Ninja Who Wanted to be Noticed 😉

    We are all obsessed with Peter Pan at the moment. We just started reading the original J.M. Barrie book. The boys stay awake through every chapter, even though there are no pictures.

    Oh, and we just finished reading (thanks to Caitlin) the My Father’s Dragon series. I think this is our third or fourth read through. Ms. F. is going to LOVE that one when she gets older.

    Ah, too many good books and too little time!

  3. Oh, and Blueberries for Sal! And Curious George and Barbar, of course! Olivia (my favorite!) I’m trying to weed out some of our children’s books before the move, but even though we don’t read some of them, I can’t bear to part with them.

  4. Ooh, you are right Julie, those John J. Muth books are GORGEOUS!! Yes they might be a little advanced for us at this point and I will only allow Frances to handle board books but once we advance to paper I will definitely add them to our must have list!

    We also love Hand Hand Fingers Thumb. Sara gave us a copy when Franny was a baby and we read it all the time, along with the Foot Book. I’m sure Sara knows that one by heart as well!

    Sara, I think we both loved Mickey in the Night Kitchen. My favorite part was when he fell into the jug of milk and all the dough came off of him and he was naked!!

    I think Rebecca likes those Pigeon books, she has told me about them a few times. The Mister and Little Miss books are always fun.

    We gave Frances Blueberries for Sal for Easter but haven’t read it in a while. I’ll have to get that one out for a special read. We read A Bargain for Frances the other day, I love those books and we definitely will have to get more.

    Don’t get rid of your books, you might need them for grandchildren some day!!

    We are patiently waiting for Wink! 😉

  5. The one book we don’t have that I wish we did….. maybe I should grab a copy next time I’m at the bookstore…. The Red Balloon! I always loved that story about Pascal! And I loved to colours of the balloons…. and how BIG they were!

  6. Yes In the Night Kitchen was a big hit at our house too. Sara gave Cam his copy for- what? his first birthday, I think?

    Wink will be here to rock your world very, very soon! 😉

  7. The Red Balloon was definitely one of my favorites. I liked that little boy Pascal 😉
    There is a movie made from the book, in fact
    I saw it at the video store the last time I was there. I guess I should rent it.

  8. Sara, the book we had was illustrated by the movie stills. Maybe you already knew this.

  9. Yup… I did know that! I think you can see it on youtube too.

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